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First, the customer needs to set up the Vantiv account.  We make the referral via https://portal.mercurypay.com/nonsecure/login.aspx using the login credentials Wayne provided.  At the top, click "Submit prospects".  It is a good idea to follow up with an email to Scott.Wagner@vantiv.com to make sure it gets taken care of.

Once the customer has set up the account, you will receive an email from Merchant Welcome Group.  It will have an attachment CustomerName - Dealer Letter.pdf.  The letter contains information you will need to complete the setup, including the link to https://portal.mercurypay.com/nonsecure/login.aspx.  At the left click Merchant Processing or Merchant Not Processing.  If you are not sure which, click one and if you don't find the customer, try the other.

If you do not see the Welcome email,you can get the information you need at the portal at https://portal.mercurypay.com/nonsecure/login.aspx.

At the left select Merchant Not Processing.    From the "Select Value" dropdown select the customer.  If you do not see the customer, then select Merchant Processing at the left.

After you select the customer, a second dropdown will appear.  Select Merchant Set-up Sheet. at the bottom you will see a pdf containing the same information that you can download and save into CW or CRM.

Here is a sample Merchant Welcome Group attachment: Vantiv Integrated Payments-Configuration Letter.pdf

You will find the customer in the dropdown.  After you select the customer, a second dropdown will display.  Select "Merchant Setup Sheet".  The customer's credentials will be on this page.

You can save the page and pdf.  I also recommend copying and pasting into a text document for ease of use later.

You will need:
(Express) AccountToken
Default TerminalID.

Refer to this document (Airport Value Inn example) for detailed instructions.  Vantiv Integrated Payment-Airports .pdf

Install full Execu/Tech updates including Core.

Install the MENUEP*.FIL files.  You can download VANTIV-MENUEP-SETUP.zip from the Vantiv folder in Datadrive, or get the four files in ElementPS Testing on the server.

Next, onto Execu/Tech and run MENUEPCO to configure the interface.

Here is Union's setup, as an example: 

 Remember to set the Hotel payment types to Y for Credit Cards.  In POS set Credit Cards to Y and set Swipe to V.

Open MENUCARD.FIL and type EP at the top.

Find out how long the customer wants to save tokens and add or edit this line in MENUINI.FIL:

With this setting, Vantiv tokens are purged after X number of days.  The first number (30 in the example) sets days to keep guest history token records.  The second number (270 in the example) sets the total days for all other records.  This cannot be undone.  The customer will need to create a new token by processing the card again.

They are charged for token storage, but they don't want them deleted too quickly or they will not be valid.

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