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This page applies to the updated Vantiv EMV Cloud Config application. There have been significant changes so it gets its own page. It's not been released yet so use the old instructions for now.

There are a couple terms you need to understand to make this process easier.
  • EMV PIN Pad
    This is the credit card reader.

  • LaneID
    EMV PIN Pads are assigned to a LaneID. This identifies the device with Vantiv / Worldpay. The Execu/Tech terminal number and the LaneID will be the same.

  • Type
    In the table showing the Terminals / LaneIDs, this refers to the Execu/Tech types of Reservations, Hotel, POS and A/R. Each terminal in Execu/Tech will show one row for each type. There may be additional rows with a blank type if there is a LaneID configured in TriPOS that isn't linked with an Execu/Tech terminal.

  • Before you can configure the EMV PIN Pad, you must first configure the terminal it will be used with in MENUEPCO. 

  • An EMV PIN Pad must never be used between multiple Execu/Tech terminals. Each terminal that needs an EMV PIN Pad must have its own.

  • If the Execu/Tech terminal settings match an existing LaneID then the associated EMV PIN Pad is considered properly linked.

  • Just because a LaneID exists, it doesn't guarantee that the device is communicating and working properly. When in doubt, you can always compare serial numbers to determine if you're working with the correct EMV PIN Pad.

  • An EMV PIN Pad can be assigned to multiple LaneIDs but should never be assigned to multiple physical Execu/Tech terminals. 
    An example of this is a computer that operates the Execu/Tech software in multiple companies and different terminal numbers are used for each company. However, we recommend that the same Execu/Tech terminal number be used on the same computer.

  • An EMV PIN Pad can be assigned the same LaneID for multiple merchants (AccptorID). 
    An example of this is an Execu/Tech terminal that processes payments for the hotel and gift shop, each with their own merchant. In this case, the EMV PIN Pad will be configured for the first merchant, a new activation code requested, and then configured for the second merchant using this activation code.

  • If you change merchants or the LaneID / Terminal Number, you must delete the LaneID and add it again.

  • If you delete all LaneIDs associated with an EMV PIN Pad, the display on the device should present you with a new Activation Code. This is required to assign it a new LaneID. 
    If an Activation Code isn't displayed on the device, reboot it. If this doesn't work, call Vantiv support and have them delete the EMV PIN Pad on their side.

Linked? Column Meaning

  Configured in ET only
Terminal / Type is only configured in Execu/Tech. No LaneID exists yet. This is ready to be linked with an EMV PIN Pad.
  Incomplete Config in ET 
The type is not configured in MENUEPCO and it can't be linked with an EMV PIN Pad.
  Configured in TriPOS only 
There's an EMV PIN Pad linked to this LaneID but no corresponding Execu/Tech terminal. This may be a valid device that's now used with a new Execu/Tech terminal or it may no longer exist. You can compare the Model and Serial Number to identify this device. If you need to link another EMV PIN Pad to this LaneID, you must delete this one first.
  Configured in ET and TriPOS 
Terminal / Type is properly linked with a TriPOS LaneID. Presumably the LaneID is linked with a valid EMV PIN Pad.

How To

Add a New EMV PIN Pad

  1. The terminal must be configured in MENUEPCO.

  2. Select the row representing the Execu/Tech terminal that will use this EMV PIN Pad. 

  3. Enter the Activation Code shown on the EMV PIN Pad.

  4. Click Manage This Lane.

  5. Click Add This Lane / PIN Pad.
If each type (Reservations, Hotel, POS and A/R) use the same merchant then each will be linked with this EMV PIN Pad now. After the list refreshes, you should see the green icon  indicating that they are linked.

If the types use different merchants, go to the next section to add the EMV PIN Pad to them.

Add an existing EMV PIN Pad to an additional merchant

  1. The terminal must be configured in MENUEPCO.

  2. Select a row that's already been linked with this EMV PIN Pad.  or 

  3. Click Manage This Lane.

  4. Click Request New Activation Code for the PIN Pad with this LaneID.

  5. If this is successful, you'll see a new Activation Code displayed in the Activation code field.

  6. Select the row for this terminal showing the additional merchant that isn't linked yet. 

  7. Click Manage This Lane.

  8. Click Add This Lane / PIN Pad.

Delete a LaneID

Deleting a LaneID is necessary when you need to link different EMV PIN Pad to an Execu/Tech Terminal. You may also need to delete a LaneID if your EMV PIN Pad is having communication issues and you want to re-link it.

  1. The terminal must be configured in MENUEPCO.

  2. Select a row that's already been linked with this EMV PIN Pad.  or 

  3. Click Manage This Lane.

  4. Click Delete LaneID and break link with PIN Pad.

  5. The table should refresh and this row should  now have a Linked icon showing that it's configured in Execu/Tech only. 

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