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Cloud Hosting

We've chosen to use Parallel's 2X Application Server to provide cloud hosting services for our software.

We'll host your software and you can access it from any where using any device that supports the 2X Client.

Remember, the "Cloud" is just someone else's computer. If you're simply trying to give remote web access to your PMS software, this can be accomplished using your own, in house server.

 How does it work?

You'll be provided with a secure Web Portal that verifies your device's compatibility and provides a link to the 2X Client application, if needed. After logging in, you'll have a dashboard that lists all of the applications available to you, whether it be Point of Sale, Property Management, Activities Scheduling, etc. Once run, a Shortcut will be placed on your desktop making access to the hosted software as seamless as any locally installed application.

Cloud Setup and Access

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