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Cloud Hosting

We've chosen to use Microsoft's Azure service for our cloud hosting

We'll host your software and you can access it from any where using any device that supports Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol

 How does it work?

We create a new virtual computer running Microsoft's Windows Server operating system. We do not share servers so this means that your property will be the only one hosted on the server. Your data is isolated and secured. We provide you with shortcuts that you can click on and gain access to the software, now hosted in the cloud. 

This service isn't just limited to using Windows computers. Any device that supports Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol can access the software, like Apple devices or any device that can use the 2X client, which includes most Android phones and tablets.

We will provide you with the static IP address of the cloud server as well as the port number being used so that you can make the necessary changes to your router and firewall. Since this uses Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, you'll need to make sure that your firewall isn't blocking outgoing traffic on port 3389. If your security needs require the use of a different port just let us know.

 Important Information
  • Interfaces
    You will need a static IP address if you want to interface with things like a phone system, movie and entertainment system, POS system, etc.
    This is necessary because we use Comtrol's LLPTS service to facilitate our interfaces. This service will be installed at your property and communicate with each of these systems. Our cloud server will also communicate with this service and exchange information with it like guest check ins, room moves, wake up calls, phone call charges, etc. 
    We will provide you with the port number used by Comtrol's LLPTS service once it's installed. This port number can be changed if needed.

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