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Download the installation files for the Execu/Tech portion of the interface below. 

Download the appropriate Comtrol LLPTS installer below. Be sure that the interface image is built for the correct version.
When upgrading interface computers, always get the latest version of LLPTS and obtain a new interface image. Only Execu/Tech can obtain a new interface image (This is what defines what devices are being interfaced with.).

Lodging Link PTS v1.2 (For Windows XP and Server 2000. - Not supported for new installs)

Lodging Link PTS v1.4 (For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008 and newer. - Not supported for new installs)

Lodging Link PTS v1.5 (For Windows 8, Server 2012 and newer.)

   If Execu/Tech will be performing the Call Costing, we will first need to see a sample of the call data, or SMDR, to be sure we can process it. The Call Accounting interface will be set to Nortel Networks Meridian CDR, which will pass the raw data to us for processing.

Information you need before you can begin the installation process:

  • This interface installation checklist must be submitted before the interface installation will be scheduled. Interface Checklist

  • The interface works fine on a Virtual Machine. Since serial data is often unreliable when using a Virtual Machine, we recommend using IP based interfaces.

  • If you install on a physical computer just make sure it meets our system requirements plus the needs of any additional software you might install.

  • MAC Address for the computer where Comtrol’s LLPTS will be installed. This can be the Execu/Tech software server or a separate interface computer, though we recommend it be installed at the server. We can't begin until we have the MAC address.

  • Remote connection to the computers where the interface will be installed.

  • Login information for the computer where Comtrol’s LLPTS will be installed (administrator permissions).

  • Login information for the computer where our interface will be installed (administrator permissions). This can be the Execu/Tech software server or a separate interface computer, though we recommend it be installed at the server.

  • Details for each interface. Brand, Model, Emulation, Communication Settings (Serial, IP).

Execu/Tech Systems will perform the installation.
  • Comtrol's LLPTS runs as a service.

  • Comtrol's LLPTS Monitor is a desktop application that only monitors activity and is not required for the interfaces to work.

  • Execu/Tech's Comtrol Interface Manager runs as a Scheduled Task. 
    While some customers choose to run it as a desktop application, it is not recommended. When doing this, a unique Windows user should be created for this task. This user will need full permissions to the shared Execu/Tech software folder.

These are the basic installation steps.
  1. Obtain the information requested on the Interface checklist. Without this information we can't begin.

  2. Determine which version of Control's LLPTS is needed and create the interface image for this version.
    Only Execu/Tech support staff can do this.

  3. Install Execu/Tech's Comtrol Interface Manager using the installer.

  4. Install the correct version of Comtrol's LLPTS.

  5. Install the interface image.

  6. Configure the settings on both interface applications.

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