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Execu/Tech Menu Editor
The new Menu Editor is a 'File editor' that allows you to easily build and customize your own custom Menu. 

These are the files that are needed for it to function properly.
  ETMenuEdit.exe  This is the Menu Editing Application that edits the Menu.fil. 
  Menu.fil  This file contains the Menu code, images, etc. 

You can download ETMenuEdit.exe HEREExtract this file into the PMS software folder.
*DO NOT replace a newer version with this one.

This application requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 Microsoft .NET Framework

Menu Editor Settings
    From the Execu/Suite folder, run the program "ETMenuEdit.exe".

       Once you run the program this Window should appear.


       These are the three Categories that you Edit to produce the outcome of the Menu.fil.
            This is the settings window.

       This is the Save ToolStrip Under File > Save.

       The Add and Apply Buttons Will only appear on the Master Categories, Master Page Editor > Master Menu, and BMP Buttons.



Tab Settings Definitions

This is the settings window. 
Master Categories  This Master Category Tab is used to set and create your Categories. You can specify a name along with a specific
number to correlate with that name. 

Master Page Editor  The Master Page Editor Tab is used to create your virtual Menu to fit your specific needs. You can add, change, reference
a program or a category, and set parameters on accessibility along with changing the reference in other Tabs following after
Master Menu.

BMP Buttons  The BMP Buttons Tab is used to create the buttons along with the bit mapped image. You can specify a name, image, and a Programmatic
Reference. The Programmatic Reference can only be .cob files. Executables cannot be ran through buttons.

Apply The Apply button is located in the Master Category Tab, Master Page Editor > Master Menu Tab, and The BMP Buttons Tab.
The Apply buttons apply the changes that were made via DataGrid to the Window.
Add  The Add button is found only in The Master Categories and The Master Page Editor > Master Menu.
- The Master Categories add button adds a DataGridView Row that is editable along with a tab in the Master Page Editor.
Column1 of the added rows text will correlate with the tabs name when applied.
- The Master Page Editor add buttons adds a DataGridView Row that is editable along with adding Menu Strip Item and a Treeview Node Item.
The name of the DataGridView Row in Column correlates with the name of the Menu Strip Item and The Treeview Node.

Save  The Save Setting saves all the DataGridView Settings into a Menu.fil that is read whenever Execu/Tech Hotel Property Management
System is started. 

Categories Column

These are the names of each of the Categories specified and will also have the Tabs Corresponding in Master Page Editor with the order that is displayed.

Category Number Column

You can give the Category Number any number that is two digits meaning 01 - 99. When you apply this it saves these settings. What this does is it allows a place of reference in the File along with being able to call this DataGridView with a constant Parameter.


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