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Before installing i4Go on the customer's server we need to set up the i4Go account.  This is done after we receive the VConfig (the customer configuration form).  This usually is called CustomerName.pdf and the customer sends it to us after Shift4 has sent it to them upon completion of their account setup.

The following documents contain instructions on setting up the i4Go account. 

After this, you can will set up Shift4 for the customer if they have completed installation of the Shift4 UTG and tested it successfully.  The UTG has nothing to do with us.  Make sure it is running as a service and that "tune up" is not open.  If tune-up is open, restart the service after closing it.

We need the IP address of the server.  Enter the additional information on the General tab.
On the Merchants tab we need to enter each merchant, clearly identifying POS and PMS.
On the terminals tab we need to enter the terminal ranges for each merchant.  Enter printers if applicable or have their IT manager do it.
Card types MUST match Hotel payment codes in PMS and payment codes in POS.

Within Execu/Touch POS:
In Payment Code setup, enter V in field 5 for credit card payments to be processed.

Within Execu/Suite PMS:
In Payment Code setup, Enter Y in field 7 for credit card payments to be processed.
In the Parameter Record, answer "Require credit card preauth at check-in" appropriately.  Y = yes; N = no; X = don't ask.  See Parameter Record  setup for more information.

Run a test transaction.  Card 4444333322221111 will be fine as this is just to make sure we are communicating with Shift4.

Training - the customer should be at a computer w/ a card reader and have a valid card in hand.  The transactions can be voided after.
POS retail - sale
POS F&B - authorize, add tip, close
PMS - test reservation - validate card.
PMS - test reservation - post advance deposit.
PMS - test reservation - refund deposit
PMS - test check-in - preauthorize card.
PMS - test check-in - CA primary folio and preauthorize card on split folio.
PMS - test check-out w/ authorized card.
PMS - test2 check-in - preauthorize card.
PMS - test2 check-in - increase authorized amount
PMS - test2 check-out - void authorization.  Use new card.  Type / in payment code field.
PMS - test3 - use folio checked out in test1.  Reverse the check-out.  Display the folio and note the sequence number.  Add a charge.  Check the guest back out, using / for payment code.  At the prompt select "card on file" and enter the sequence number at the prompt.

To train yourself use your i4Go-Test hotel at \\2008SRVR\datadrive\Testing\i4Go-Test

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