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Section Box Title (Tahoma, 14px, bold)

The normal text. (Tahoma, 13px)
  • Bullet Points should have one line between them.

  • Do this by pressing Shift-Enter at the end of the line, then press Enter for a new Bullet Point line.
This is how you add a table
  1. Click the Table Button and add a 1x1 table

  2. Select the Table Properties

  3. Adjust the table properties
    • Width: 100%

    • Cell Spacing: 10

    • Background Color: #f2f2f2. This is the 3rd color box down on the left column.

  4. Click Style Builder and configure table Border styles
    • Border Style: Solid Line

    • Border Width: 1 px

    • Border Color: Black

    • Click OK on the Style Builder to accept these settings.

  5. Click the Cell Properties tab
    • Click Select All at the bottom of the left panel.

    • Content Alignment: Top Left

Other Boxes

Sometimes you need boxes with different colors and even with more than one cell. You are welcome to use any color that you think looks good but try to keep them consistent. You will typically use the same settings as given, above, but you will also often use two cells to show an icon.

Here are some examples. Icons do not need a black border.

   Warning! Pay attention to this!

After configuring the settings, I went back and made the cell containing the image a fixed width, just a little wider than the image.

   This is important info.

Notice that I shrunk the image. The image is normally 48x48 but I made it 24x24.

A White Box

Sometimes a white box is a good way to make something stand out when it's in a grey box.  

This is a Code Block. If you need to show HTML or any other code, you have to use a Code Block because the web browser tries to compile it.

This is <b>HTMLb> in a Code Block, but without the <u>Code Blocku>, you would only see text, <i>no HTMLi>.


Pictures should be sized so that they're never wider than 800px, if possible. Try to keep them 600px wide and less if they look clear at this size.
  • Before resizing an image, make sure you click the 'chain' button to link the Width and Height.

  • Icons don't need a border but all other images should have a 1px BLACK border.

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