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The following is a partial list of program development and enhancements for 2021.

 Module / Application  Description Note
POS & PMS - Bahamas  Penny rounding to nearest five cents for cash tenders  In progress.
General Ledger  Option to enter beginning date on Profit & Loss Report  Default is current month, MTD.
Direct Bill  Email Balance Forward Statements  In progress.
Direct Bill  OS A/R Charge Drilldown from Customer Detail  Click Invoice (POS check) to display.
Execu/Suite CRS Enhanced Vertical Booking/EqualWeb ADA & WCAG Compliance  Premium booking engine.
PMS Interfaces Enhancements to NAVIS  Guest CRM guest relations
PMS Interfaces Enhancements to ALICE  Guest experience management
PMS Reports Addition of Revenue Analysis by Room Type Automated Morning (AM) Report

Customers with a 24/7 Execu/Care Support Agreement are entitled to free updates.  Customers without an  Execu/Care Support Agreement may email support@execu-tech.com to request a quote.

The following is a partial list of program development and enhancements for 2020. 

 Module / Application  Description  Notes
PMS, POS, Direct Bill Touchless credit card payment processing  QR Pay, etc.
Execu/Vault Additional local storage location, additional email notification  
Execu/Suite CRS Miscellaneous enhanced features Website booking engine, OTA channel management
Execu/Suite CRS ADA, WCAG 2.1 compliance Website Booking engine digital accessibility
Execu/Suite PMS NAVIS CRM integration Hospitality guest relations, lead management
Execu/Suite PMS PonoRez Integration On-line activities
Cloud Hosting Miscellaneous Enhancements  
Back Office Additional options in  AP and GL detail reports  
Execu/Suite PMS Payment Code change Entry of Master Folio number required on specified payment codes.

Customers with a 24/7 Execu/Care Support Agreement are entitled to free updates.  Customers without an  Execu/Care Support Agreement may email support@execu-tech.com to request a quote.

The following is a partial list of program changes done in 2019.

 Program / Module  Description of New Program, Feature, or Option  Date  Notes
POS-Gratuity Option to disable gratuity button on total/payment screen April 2019 MENUINI.FIL line: POS-GRATUITY-BUTTON=NO
POS-Payment tip prompt The payment code setup field "Allow tip entry?" (cash) can be set to "N" for any payment code. Apr 2019 If set to "N" the "Tip Amount prompt does not appear when tendering the check; if set to "Y" the "Tip Amount" prompt displays.
POS-Auto Gratuity Auto Gratuity button acts as a toggle button to add/not add
May 2019 Touch once adds gratuity, touch again removes gratuity.
Time & Attendance Timeclock printout shows terminal number Mar 2019
POS Modifiers Includes % modifier (such as half, double, etc.) Mar 2019 In Modifier setup, "Price add-on/subtract amount" --  Half enter "50",   Double enter "200", etc.  Answer "Y" to "Above amount is a percentage?"
System Maintenance Print Employee Records includes Security Level code. Mar 2019  
Direct Bill/ City Ledger Employee ID prints on the Transaction Batch update report Mar 2019  
Direct Bill/ City Ledger Customer setup has option to add notes Mar 2019  
Direct Bill/ City Ledger Customer Detail Report contains option to create a tab delimited text file Mar 2019 Can be imported into Excel
Comtrol Interfaces More detailed error messages Apr 2019  
QuickBooks Interface QuickBooks Import File (IIF) is included in the 'Email Audit Reports" function Apr 2019  
Print Preview Email Button on the Print Preview button "Email" Apr 2019 Sends the report on the Print Preview as an email.  Must use ExecEmail.  Does not work with Outlook.
General Ledger/ AP Set a GL account to inactive so that A/P invoices cannot be distributed to that account. Apr 2019  
General Ledger GL Trial Balance has an export option Jan 2019 Select the check box "Create TAB delimited text file only".  File exported is named GLTRBAL**.FIL (** is the terminal number).

Credit card numbers are not stored in Execu/Tech Systems, Inc. software. If you are upgrading from an older version of the software that allowed this, please be aware that these credit card numbers will be masked (XXXXXXXXXXXX1234) and you will no longer be able to enter them moving forward. This is necessary for PCI compliance. Please consider using one of our integrated payment processing systems.

The following is a partial list of program changes done in 2018.

 Program / Module  Description of New Program, Feature, or Option  Date  Notes
POS-Void cc preauthorization  Allows supervisor password requirement to void preauthorization in POS May 2018 MENUINI.FIL line: POS-REQUIRE-PASSWORD-VOID-PREAUTH=YES
Security Updates for TLS 1.2  Required security updates for customers with integrated credit card processing.   Apr 2018  See TLS 1.2 Requirements
Execu/Suite PMS - AutoPost Option to select Auto-Post charges in Reservations. Jan 2018 MENUINI.FIL line:  HOTEL-AUTOPOST-RESERVATIONS=YES
Execu/Suite PMS - Direct Bill Report Optional report listing all RC* charges for any unpaid City Ledger invoices from folios w/ DB payment types. Jan 2018 Specific report for specific purpose.
WiFi  Interface Comtrol interface to Antamedia to allow/restrict guest wifi access and optional billing.  See https://www.antamedia.com/  See http://www.comtrol.com/solutions/hospitality/lodginglink Feb 2018 Comtrol is required for this and all device interfaces.
Execu/Touch Reports Addition to Check Summary Report to print only checks with tips. Mar 2018  
Charge/ Payment Journal Guest History Charge/ Payment Journal prints Market Segment and Source of Business for all transactions Oct 2018 GAHJOUR
General Ledger General Ledger Detail report, export Oct 2018  General Ledger Detail Report screen has a new checkbox "Create TAB delimited file only"

The following is a partial list of program changes done in 2017.

 Program/ Module  Description of New Feature or Option  Date  Notes
 Execu/Gift Ability to disable "Service Charge" entry in "Add Balance" screen  Dec 2017  Remove GCH (or your designated code) from MENUINI.FIL  setting.
EMV Certification-Vantiv    EMV certification with Vantiv Integrated Payments Nov. 2017 Lodging, Food & Beverage, and Retail
General Ledger - Reports Option to print acct codes on Balance Sheet Nov. 2017   
Time & Attendance Clock-in Terminal Clocks POS users in ONLY Nov. 2017 At this terminal, POS users will not access any POS programs even if employee type is other than N.  Terminal Record should show Terminal Location as L.
Time & Attendance Disallow POS supervisor to edit own time     Oct. 2017 Requires MENUINI.FIL  command.
General Ledger - Transaction Batches Option to add/change/review/delete transactions in GL batches on other terminals; option to update batches on other terminals Oct. 2017 New menu item in General Ledger Processing > Enter transactions:  “Change transaction terminal”.
Execu/Touch POS - Reports Update to "Items by server/dept/menu/shift" report to calculate gallons for "FUEL" items. Oct. 2017  
Execu/Touch POS - Reports Check Detail Report - Option to print Guest Name for account/room charges Oct. 2017  
Activity Log Inventory item additions and deletions; Inventory Batch adjustments and deletions; Oct. 2017 Listed in "Print POS/Timekeeping Reports" in the Activity Log menu.
Inventory   "Notes" added to inventory Item setup Oct. 2017 "Notes" button at bottom of item setup screen.
Execu/Suite PMS - Packages Addition of percent tax (ST*) to Resort Fee Oct 2017 Must be on line immediately after the resort fee.  Special code is 9.  Amount is the percent.
Execu/Suite PMS - Night Audit Default room/item average on AM Report Aug. 2017 Change default "revenue average" from "per room" to "per item".  Still can be selected manually when printing.  Requires MENUINI.FIL command.
Execu/Suite PMS Popup notification upon completion of program. Aug. 2017 Notification when the following program has completed:  "Create Gen Ledger/City Ledger Postings" (Night Audit)
Execu/Suite PMS Popup notification upon completion of program. Aug. 2017 Notification when the following program has completed:  "Create Excel™ Spreadsheet File" (General Ledger)
Execu/Suite PMS Popup notification upon completion of program. Aug. 2017     Notification when the following program has completed:  GARESYNC (On Demand or shortcut)
Execu/Touch POS Search for guest by boat name July 2017 Boat Name (or any other search) should be in Folio Comment 2.  See also Marina and RV Settings.
Execu/Suite PMS - Night Audit Email night audit reports (YYYYMMDD.TXT) June 2017 Run from night audit menu; up to four pre-defined email addresses.  Uses ExecEmail.  See MENUINI.FIL Configuration .
Inventory Control Option to use barcode when entering physical inventory June 2017 To use with wireless scanner or compatible mobile tablet or other device
Execu/Touch POS - Report Kitchen Description added to POS item report June 2017
Execu/Suite PMS - Groups A/R customer code required for DB payment code May 2017  
Execu/Suite PMS - Folio email Option to set default to email folio at check-out May 2017  
 Execu/Suite PMS - OTA/HTNG  Enhancements to Reservations Import Interfaces  April 2017  
Execu/Suite PMS - Marina Import meter readings from CSV (Canvas) April 2017
Execu/Suite PMS - Payments Shift4 EMV certification for lodging March 2017 Update must be coordinated with Shift4 update.
Execu/Suite PMS - Direct Bill Date validation for membership billing March 2017 Prevents entering through Date field and creating invalid postings on Fixed Charges
Back Office - Payroll Configured for Bahamas February 2017 Wage and Tips NIB deductions plus Employer NIB

The following is a partial list of program changes done in 2016.

Execu/Suite PMS

Program/Module     Description of New Feature or New Option Date  Notes
 Folio Detail Export  Ability to save Transactions in Guest Trial Balance as *.txt file to import into Excel.  October 2016  See Folio Detail Export
Guest Profile Fifth tab has been added (top right Profile screen).  Title it in Manager/Setup .  August 2016  
Group Check-in Group check-in by selection grid.  Reservations for the group will display, allowing you to click the reservations to check in or "select all".  Only those selected will check in with the group.  June 2016  
Tape Chart Reservations with Rate codes 6 and 7 display pink.  Rate code is displayed next to room rate upon right-click  June 2016  
Guest Trial Balance Report    Guest Trial Balance shows available credit/funds  May 2016  
Shift4 i4GoV2 enhancements Enhancement of i4GoV2 registry and controls; enhancement of i4GoV2 messages and errors      May 2016  
Tape Chart Option to reduce vertical size of grid boxes, allowing more rooms to display per page  May 2016 See MENUINI.FIL configuration
Tape Chart-Travel Agencies Indicator (small orange box) displayed on tape chart for Travel Agency booking.s  May 2016  
Room Rates Report "Print room rates" added to "Print Charge/ Payment/ Misc. Codes" menu.  May 2016      
On-line Help "Online Help" quick-click button added to Reservations Operations, Front Desk, Guest History, and Direct Bill/Customer Processing menus.  May 2016  
Travel Agency Report     Commission % added to travel agency report    January 2016  
ExecEmail Clarification of ExecEmail response messages and errors      January 2016 N/A if using Outlook
ETConnect Addition of  automated pre-arrival letters and automated thank-you letters after check-out  February 2016 For properties using Execu/Suite Connect
Shift4-Credit Card Processing Implementation of i4GoV2 to replace current version of Shift4 interface for credit card processing within Execu/Tech  March 2016 Required update for properties using Shift4
Vantiv Credit Card Processing Enhancements to Vantiv/ElementPS batch reports  March 2016 For properties using Vantiv/ElementPS
Guest Schedule Ability to export Guest Schedule as spreadsheet  March 2016 For properties using Guest Schedule
Activity Logs Improvements to functionality and display for Activity Logs  April 2016  
Security Levels Allow / Disallow check-in and check-out of master folios      April 2016  
Security Levels      Allow change to "out of order" status in Housekeeping  December 2016  

Execu/Touch POS
Program/Module     Description of New Feature or New Option Date  Notes
To-Go quick button Optional "to go" button on POS item entry screen.   Prompts for name (or room number) and prompts for pre-defined location.  May 2016 See MENUINI.FIL Configuration for location definitions.
Import/Export of setup data POS modifiers added to POS import/export program  May 2016 Import/Export via tab-delimited text files
Register Programs & Controls "Register Programs and Controls" added to POS Administrator ~ System menu.  May 2016
Execu/Gift POS Gift Card sales - Next sequence number auto-generated if card is not swiped or card number not entered.  May 2016  
GAPOCOPY Added ability to copy items or modifiers store to store  May2016  
Shift4 i4GoV2 enhancements Enhancement of i4GoV2 registry and controls; enhancement of i4GoV2 messages and errors      May 2016  
Shift4-Credit Card Processing Implementation of i4GoV2 to replace current version of Shift4 interface for credit card processing within Execu/Tech.  March 2016 Required update for properties using Shift4
Vantiv Credit Card Processing Enhancements to Vantiv/ElementPS batch reports  March 2016 For properties using Vantiv/ElementPS
Inventory/POS Option to overwrite existing items when creating inventory items from POS items  March 2016 INPOGEN
 Inventory/POS  Allows items to be scanned in POS using the Vendor Item Code (field 2) as the UPC barcode number.  September 2016  Only works with newly entered Vendor Item Codes. 

Other Programs and Applications
Program/Module     Description of New Feature, or New Option Date  Notes
Direct Bill Report Modification to Customer Aged Trial Balance to handle 9,999,999.99  August 2016  
Execu/Vault New features added to Execu/Vault functionality  August 2016 For customers using Execu/Vault
Phone Interface Enhancement to Execu/Suite Wake-up Calls w/ NEC interface     May 2016  
Execu/Gift Report Additional nhancements to Gift Card Trial Balance report  May 2016  
Execu/Gift-POS POS Gift Card sales - Next sequence number auto-generated if card is not swiped or card number not entered.  May 2616  
SynXis/Sabre Interface Modifications to match new data import format  May 2016  
Comtrol® interface    Modification to Onity key interface for connecting rooms  January 2016 Comtrol Onity Interface
GMS (Guest Management)     New interface to ZDirect GMS/Replaces TravelClick GMS  January 2016 GMS/CRS Interface
Execu/Gift Addition of notes, type, and status in Gift Card Trial Balance  March 2016 For properties using Execu/Gift

Currently in Development
Program/Module     Description of New Feature, or New Option
Shift4 credit card interface Testing and certification of EMV
Vantiv credit card interface Testing and certification of EMV
Security Levels "Change 'out of order' status"
SynXis/Sabre Interface Two-way GDS/CRS interface

The following is a partial list of program changes done in 2015.

Execu/Suite PMS
Execu/Touch POS
Other Applications


Execu/Suite PMS

Program/Module     Description of Program Change, New Feature, or New Option Date  Program 
Core - Login  Printer selection dialog opens immediately at login instead of when opening one of the programs.  Only displays once per user login. 11/2015  
Autopost Option to calculate Autopost as percentage of room rate.  Multiple percentage Autopost charge codes may be set up. 07/2015  
Housekeeping Report  Option to exclude Vacant Clean (VC) rooms from Housekeeping Report 09/2015     GAHKEEP
Manager-Rate Import  Now allows up to 20 room types     01/2015  GARATIMP
Guest Profile-Auto Traces In a reservation, optional automatic creation of traces based on definitions.  The auto-trace adjusts automatically when the reservation's arrival date is changed.  The auto-trace is deleted automatically when the reservation is cancelled.  The definitions are defined in Manager/Setup > Hotel Control Files Setup > Auto-trace definitions. 01/2015  GARMAINT
Credit Card Tokens     ElementPS only:  Automatic purge of payment records after a pre-defined number of days for guest history and for all others.  MENUINI.FIL command: 
(where "30" is number of days for guest history and "270" is the number of days for others.)
SafLok key Comtrol Interface Ability for SafLok key interface to specify additional locks for additional guests.  In addition to asking for number of keys, a check box will appear allowing selection of access to additional lock.  If a garage key is selected, the system may trigger a garage charge.  The garage charge must be set as an auto-post charge code.  MENUINI.FIL commands:
KEY-INTERFACE-LOCKS=Parking Garage,Sauna,Weight Room,Media Room
(Note that there are not spaces before or after the commas.) 
Housekeeping Screen Each out of order grid line displays a line or "sequence" number as a visual aid. 
Both old and new values are recorded in the Activity Log.
If a line that includes the current date is removed or replaced, a warning is displayed and the room status is changed to VD (Vacant Dirty).   This will give immediate feedback that a line was overwritten.
System Maintenance- User Setting (Core) New security levels setting - allow transfers (in charge and payment posting)
New security levels setting - "Disable activity log pop-up warning"
Registration Form Parameter Record setting  for print reg card option:  "a" will not ask, "print another one?"     
Reserv. & Front Desk There is a lookup button next to the rate code field in the package selection popup.    
Guest Profile The "Save" button has been replaced with "Save/Exit".
The "Exit" button and the "Esc" keyboard key prompts the user to exit without saving.
Guest Profile "View Stays" within the profile entry screen is a button at the top of the screen.    
Reservations Option not to populate the reservation Market and Source from the profile's Market and Source (except WebRes bookings).  Each reservation would have to have Market and Source populated.
(The default is YES.)
Tax- Bahamas     Bahamas VAT tax is calculated.    
System Maintenance- User Setting (Core) New option, "Allow credit limit changes and overrides".  Unchecked, an employee is not allowed to change a guest's credit limit except by adding to a preauthorization on an existing credit card authorization.  Also unchecked, allows an employee to override the "Credit limit exceeded" prompt in charge/payment entry with O or 0.  Checked, will allow.    
Report Generator  "Travel Agent" has been added to the "Select" list.  When entering the travel agent code, use only 2 characters.   The Travel Agent code prompt pops up after the travel agency has been entered. 04/2015  
Report Viewer    ETReportviewer.exe via desktop shortcut enables viewing and printing of archived night audit reports       09/2015    
 HTNG Log Viewer  ETHTNGLogViewer.exe will read the log files created by the HTNG interface.       11/2015  

Execu/Touch POS
Program/Module     Description of Program Change, New Feature, or New Option Date  Program 
 Store Record-print option-receipt comment  Ability to add second comment to printed receipt.  10/2015  
 Time Clock Report Option to print by employee name  03/2015  GAPOEMPR
Total Screen-Tax An option to replace the "No Tax" button with the "Select Tax" button. 
MENUINI.FIL command:
 01/2015  GAPOREG
 Total Screen-Add'l Tip description  MENUINI.FIL command:
 01/15  GAPOREG
Tax - Bahamas Bahamas VAT tax is calculated    
 Check Total screen-password requirement A supervisor password is required to total a credit check (a check less than zero).  This option is set by answering "Y" to "Password to create credit?" in the Store Record in POS Administrator.  03/2015  
 POS Void Report  POS Void Report now includes totals.  11/2015  

Other Applications
 Program/Module      Description of Program Change, New Feature, or New Option Date  Program 
 TravelClick CRS For a TravelClick reservation coming from a third party, Comment 3 of the reservation will have the following format:
168868781 3Pty=4444455556
 Help menu     The Help menu now contains only "About".  Links formerly in the Help menu are now on the main Execu/Suite home screen.    
 Dining Reservations The Dinner Reservations module is now integrated to WebRes, allowing guests to book dinner seatings on your website.    
 File Uploader     If Execu/Tech support cannot connect remotely to your server you can use this program to upload files requested by Execu/Tech in order to troubleshoot.    
 Execu/Condo  Prevents running "Transfer room charges to CONDO" at night audit more than once per day 09/2015     GACONDO
 Start-Login     Login screen displays current computer time rather than the time the shortcut was launched.     10/2015      START
 TravelClick CRS  New profile is created and attached to reservation when a reservation name is changed in imported TravelClick reservations 08/2015  GARIMPTC
 HTNG Log Viewer  ETHTNGLogViewer.exe will read the log files created by the HTNG interface.     11/2015  

If you are looking for products, go to http://www.execu-tech.com/essentials.aspx

Email Support

The following is a list of program changes prior to 2015.

  Timestamp  Module Program(s)  Description
 12/22/2014  Hotel Property Management  GARLETTE EMAIL CONFIRMATION LETTER
Expand property name on template.
menuini.fil setting:
 12/22/2014  Hotel Property Management  GATRMAST
GATRMAST - Agency setup now provides for a separate IATA field.
GATRREP - IATA number now prints on detail report.
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management  GATRONYX GATRONYX - Interface Travel Agency payment processing to Onyx
Must also have GATRMAST and GATRREP
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management ARMMAINT DIRECT BILL
Open Item Payment Processing - Prompt for "beginning date" when
displaying past invoices.
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GAGELET  CHECK OUT THANK YOU EMAIL
Guests may now receive an automatic "Thank You" email message at
check-out. A separate template is required - "GAGELET.HTM".
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GAGIFT  GIFT CARDS/ CERTIFICATES
New option to allow creation of gift certificates/ cards without linking to a profile for either the "From" or "To" name.
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GAMETBIL  
Room (slip) rate setup is no longer affected by meter readings. This
makes setting up meter codes and room rates more streamlined.
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GASTAT
Execu/Suite SQL
AM Report Statistics and POS check history is now included in the
Execu/Suite SQL database in addition to Guest Profiles and
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GAGLU    NIGHT AUDIT BACK OFFICE POSTING
New, clearer message is displayed: "General Ledger and/or Direct Bill
(City Ledger) entries will now be created from Night Audit."
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management MENUCNTL  USER ID PERMISSION SETUP
New permission level: "Allow Webres page editing" used to
accommodate the new Execu/Suite Webres user page editor.
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GAWRDES  DINING RESERVATIONS - WEB BOOKING.
Using the same technology as WebRes for hotel reservations, works realtime
with dining reservations database.
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GAFINAL  NIGHT AUDIT REORGANIZE
New message: "Your NIGHT AUDIT CUT-OFF TIME is (time).
Do not perform the night audit for (business date) before (time).
Current time is (current time). Run this program only ONCE per day!
No other transactions or activity is allowed until Night Audit Reorganize
is complete. This activity may result in severe data corruption. All other
workstations MUST be at the 'login' screen or the Windows 'Desktop'."
 12/22/2014 Hotel Property Management GARMAINT TAPE CHART
Now identifies two three additional reservation categories: Comp, Travel
Agency guaranteed, Travel Agency non-guaranteed.
9/19/2014  Hotel Property Management  GAGTRBAL GUEST TRIAL BALANCE REPORT
Correct prior day reports by printing in folio sequence instead of name.
9/19/2014  Hotel Property Management GLMMAINT
GL Income/expense print sequences may now be alphanumeric, giving more flexibility in formatting income statements.
9/19/2014   Hotel Property Management  GATRMAST TRAVEL AGENCY SETUP
Separate IOTA number input field
9/19/2014  Hotel Property Management  GAINPASS
Safelok key interface now works with Comtrol.
New report prints charge and payment journal detail by room from in-house and history guests.  Designed primarily for CONDO reconciliation.
9/19/2014  Hotel Property Management  GAMTCTLR EVENTS CONTROL FIL PRINT
Print event items, categories, or departments.
9/19/2014  Hotel Property Management  GAHREP GUEST REPORT GENERATOR
User may select "Nights" totals to be "Guest nights" or "room nights".
9/19/2014  Hotel Property Management GACRMST HOUSEKEEPING SCREEN
"Refresh" button and display date and time stamp.
8/27/2014  Hotel Property Management GACTLREP CONTROL FILE PRINT - ROOM RATES
New report prints room rates within season rates.  Go to Manager > Print Charge/Payment/Misc. Codes.
8/26/2014  Hotel Property Management  GAROOMU ROOM AND TAX POSTING - NIGHT AUDIT:
Gives warning to help prevent posting Final Room and Tax twice in the same day.
 8/26/2014 Hotel Property Management  GAPROFIL GUEST PROFILE SETUP:
Issue the following warning when changing a guest profile name:
***WARNING!*** You are changing the name on an existing profile.  This will change the name for all reservations and folios attached to this profile.  if this is a new guest, please create a new profile.  Are you sure you wish to change this profile name?
Prevents running before Night Audit Reorganize.
 8/26/2014 Hotel Property Management  GAMTMAST
Improved interaction between events and groups.  Correct transfer of Group name and address to new event.
Grand Totals added to Event Order (BEO) templates/forms.
 8/26/14     Hotel Property Management  GAHREP   GUEST REPORT GENERATOR:
Calculate actual posted room revenue for master folios.  Continue to calculate forecasted room revenue for in-house guests.
 8/26/2014 Point of Sale GAPOREP   POS SALES BY ITEM (etc.) REPORT:
Print modifier descriptions with indention for easier reading.
8/26/2014  Hotel Property Management GAMMAINT  GUEST CHECK-IN:
1.  Allow selection from multiple guest reservation forms at check-n.
2.  For group check-ins, check for duplicate room assignments.
8/26/2014  Hotel Property Management  GARMAINT RESERVATIONS:
1.  Correct display of total room and tax due.
2.  Warnings when changing group arrival date for groups when rooms are soft blocked for the group.
3.  Ability to display a Group note in the reservation entry screen for guests attached to groups.
 8/26/2014     Core MENURUN
Help link:
Addition of a Help button at the top of most data entry screen.  Provides instant one-click access to the online Execu/Suite Knowledgebase at help.execu-tech.com .
1. Interface directly with Shift4 or Element Payment Services. If deposit is required, deposit payment is posted to advance deposit folio. If deposit is not required, guest credit card is validated and token is created that may be applied later.
2. Sort room types by price or room type name.
3. Select packages from drop-down box. Allow/ disallow certain packages in WebRes.
4. Allow packages to apply to specific room types in Package Setup.
5. Improved integration with Guest Profile.
Execu/Suite now has its own build-in HTML editor for editing Execu/Suite HTML documents and forms.
From the Execu/Suite Desktop go to:
File > Special > Edit HTML Documents/Forms.           
New color Palette
Larger application screen size
New default fonts
The menu style (push button or drop down) may now be configured for each terminal.
System Maintenance > User I.D. Setup > Terminal Records > Menu Mode
EMAIL FORMS (Confirmation letters, folios, statements, etc.)
May now choose MS Outlook or Execu/Tech's ExecEmail  client for email forms.  User must configure an SMTP email server if not using Outlook.
Use the following menuini option:
* YES - 'execemail-outlook.exe' is called instead of 'execemail.exe' when sending email documents. Uses MS Outlook.
* NO (default) - 'execemail.exe' is called when sending email documents - configured to use user's SMTP server.
Point of Sale
1. Provide user-defined maximum and minimum quantity amount filters to reduce user input error.  Any $ Amount.  MENUINI.FIL:  PAYMENT-MAXIMUM-POS=1000
2. New - Activities advance deposits .  Ability to enter and redeem advance deposits for activities directly in POS.  Amount, guest name, date, and number of guests are entered.
3. Store number of covers in the POS master folio for HOTEL. This provides the total covers to be recorded in the AM Report for sales from POS.
Full implementation of two-way interface of IHotelier Central Reservations by TravelClick.    
Hotel Property Management
Now three options for printing revenue averages:
1. Per room for all revenue lines
2. Per item for all revenue lines
3. Per room for room revenue, per item for incidental revenue, per cover for POS revenue.
Hotel Property Management
Improved printing of multiple night room rates.
Hotel Property Management
1. Ability to look up by and edit third party booking number.  Reservations > Reservation Search
2. Group master folio setup - ability to enter master folio departure date.
3. Cannot delete group with soft blocks.
4. May specify maximum and minimum amounts to reduce user input error in Advance deposit amount, charge and payment amounts.  MENUINI.FIL:  PAYMENT-MAXIMUM-HOTEL=10000
Hotel Property Management
1. Add HTML tags for Total room & tax, first night room & tax, total room, total tax, balance due, formatted full guest name.
2. Improved printing of multiple nightly room rates.
May now look up POS items by item code or description.
Hotel Property Management
Ability to enter a default "Guest Ledger GL Account". If set, you may leave the guest ledger GL account blank in charge and payment setup. Use the following menuini option:
Hotel Property Management
Option to print guest's package in comment column.
Hotel Property Management
Add email address to travel agency record.
Hotel Property
1. Add the following HTML tags to the template: Total room, total tax, deposit required, deposit received, total amount due, third party booking number.
2. Improved printing of multiple night room rates.
3/5/2014 Point of Sale GAPOREP PRINT ITEM LIST
New option to export the menu item list to a tab delimited file.
3/5/2014 Hotel Property Management GAPOEMP GAPOEMPR TIME AND ATTENDANCE
Expand work code capacity from 20 to 40.
3/5/2014 Hotel Property Management GAMARKET MARKET SEGMENT REPORT
Add option to not print sub-totals.
3/5/2014  Hotel Property Management GAHREP   GUEST REPORT GENERATOR
 New 'report to generate' option: "Send Emails through ET Connect"
New option to create an email campaign and import directly into ETConnect email processor.
3/5/2014 Hotel Property Management GARLETTE EMAIL CANCELLATION LETTER
New separate letter to email for cancellations.
1/14/2014 Hotel Property Management GASOURCE SOURCE OF BUSINESS ANALYSIS
New Report - similar to Market Segment Analysis
1/14/2014 Hotel Property Management GAGINH GUESTS IN HOUSE REPORT
Option to print guests by package.
1/14/2014 Hotel Property Management GAHMAINT GUEST HISTORY FOLIO DISPLAY
Expand screen size.
Display primary and secondary payment information.
1/14/2014 Hotel Property Management GASELGSM GUEST SELECTION SCREEN - FRONT DESK
Option to sort display by guest name or room number.
1/14/2014  Hotel Property Management GAGTRBAL   GUEST TRIAL BALANCE REPORT
Add ability to print report for any of the last 30 days.
1/14/2014 Hotel Property Management GAHREP GUEST REPORT GENERATOR
Add profile tab 3 and 4 to the tab delimited file version.
Add option to print by date reservation booked.
Add booking window to totals.
Add average length of stay to totals.           
1/14/2014 Hotel Property Management GAR30DAY 7-730 DAY FORECAST REPORT
Expand ability to select up to 40 Source and Market segment codes.
Ability to include selected other revenue to ADR calculation.
1/14/2014 Hotel Property Management GARSSTAT RESERVATION STATUS REPORT
Add ability to print by guest company.
1/14/2014  Hotel Property Management GARMAINT   RESERVATION ENTRY
1. Add option to restrict number of days in the future to book reservations.
menuini option:
 2. Group arrival date changes - improve the way group blocks move when a group's arrival date changes.


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 Program / Module  Description of New Feature or Option  Date  Notes
 Payroll  Configured for Bahamas  February  Calculates Wages NIB and Salary NIB plus employer NIB
 Execu/Suite PMS - payment processing  Shift4 EMV certification, lodging  March  
 Execu/Suite-PMS Direct Bill  Date validation for membership billing fixed charges program  March  Prevents entering through date field and creating invalid postings
 Execu/Suite OTA /HTNG/ Reservations import  Enhancements to OTA/ HTNG/ Reservations import  April  
 Execu/Suite PMS (marina)  Import meter readings from CSV (Canvas) file  April  
 Execu/Suite PMS  Option setting to email folio by default at check-out  May      
 Execu/Suite - PMS Groups  Requires A/R customer code for group DB payment codes.  May  
 Inventory Control  Ability to scan barcode in Physical Inventory entry  June  
 Execu/Suite PMS  New Night Audit menu item to email audit reports  June  Sends nightly YYYYMMDD.TXT file to up to four predefined email addresses
 Execu/Touch POS  Addition of kitchen description to POS item report  June  

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