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PMS Settings 

In the Shift4 terminal settings in MENUS4CO, make sure you configure a terminal range that includes terminal 98 for the appropriate merchant.

WebRes Settings 

In the WebRes software installation folder . . .

In inc_variables.asp you will need to modify the following settings.

i4Go  1 
i4GoURL  i4GoV2.asp 
i4GoAccessToken  Access Token from the correct merchant in the PMS. Execu/Tech support will help you with this. 

In wruncbl.fil you will need to modify the following settings.


WebResCCService (WebRes Credit Card Processing Service)

Extract the files from ETWebResCCService.zip and place them in the HOTEL folder on the PMS server and run the installer from the console at the PMS server. The installer is ETWebResCCServiceInstaller.exe. Running this will create a service that runs and monitors MENUCSVC. If the interface process stops, it will be restarted after five seconds. The service will create Application Events for the service notifying of and starts, stops or recoveries caused by the interface process stopping.

Download ETWebResCCService.zip here.

 If you’re upgrading an existing customer, check for a Scheduled Task that runs the interface. Stop it first and then delete it before installing the service.

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