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WebRes - Errors & Troubleshooting

The Most Common Errors
  • HTTP Error 401.2 Unauthorized
    You are not authorized to view this page due to invalid authentication headers.

    A customer reported that Windows updates caused this error and that restarting the server resolved it. This link provides more causes and solutions: 

  • HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found
    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    Make sure the URL you're web developer is using to access WebRes is correct. The IP address or domain in the URL must point to the WebRes server and the correct folder name must be used. Your IT professional can verify that the IP address or domain name is correct and Execu/Tech can help you determine if the folder name is correct.

    If it was previously working, make sure your public IP address hasn't changed and that your URL still resolves to this IP address. Your IT professional and ISP will need to help you with this.

    Your IT professional should also verify that your router is still forwarding the appropriate ports to the WebRes server.

    Your IT professional should also verify that no firewalls are blocking the traffic.

    You can also restart the WebRes server. Sometimes services fail and a restart usually helps.

  • File error 91 on MENUCSVI.FIL
    Called from XXXXX in C:\inetpub\XXXXXXXXXXX\gawrpaym.cgi

    This error is related to the Shift4 credit card processing service. Follow the same instructions found below in the section titled Freezing at Guest Information Page

  • File error 91,02 on GACRORDR.FIL
    COBOL error at 00B94C in F:\WebRes\gawrgett.cgi

    The important part of this error is the first line. Often when migrating from one server to another this file can get corrupted since it's constantly changing. Copying a file that's in use can cause the copy to be unusable. No problem, though, because this is a temporary log file and can be deleted. Locate it in the PMS software folder and delete it.

  • File error 94,20 on COMPANY.FIL

    This is most often caused by the PMS software folder not being updated in the file wruncbl.fil.  
    WebRes - Installation

  • File error 93 on COMPANY.FIL

    This is caused by permissions not being properly applied to the PMS software folder. 
    WebRes - Installation

  • File error 35 on COMPANY.FIL

    These are the 3 main causes 
    WebRes - Installation 

  • This webpage is not available (seen in Chrome) or This page can't be displayed (seen in Internet Explorer), etc.

    Your server can't be found on the internet and you IT professional will need to help you figure it out.
    If you're suddenly seeing this error after WebRes was previously working, it's possible your IP address has changed. Have your IT professional verify the following:
    • Internet Provider
    • Router
    • Firewall
    • IIS Settings
    • URL used in the link referencing WebRes
    • WebRes - Installation

  • CDO.Message.1 error '80040213'
    The transport failed to connect to the server

    Something is wrong with your SMTP settings. You can find information on configuring and testing the SMTP settings, here: WebRes - Confirmation Page and Email

Freezing at Guest Information Page

This only applies to customers using Shift4.
If WebRes is freezing, or returns a timeout error after you click the CONFIRM RESERVATION button  on the Guest Information page, the likely cause is that the Shift4 WebRes Credit Card Interface isn't running or has experienced an error. The guest may report an error similar to this "File error 91 on MENUCSVI.FIL."

If the interface has been set up as a service, you can restart the service on the PMS server. It's called ETWebResCCService.

If you don't see this service then the interface is running as a scheduled task. The task should be removed and the service installed. WebRes - Shift4

If you're having trouble locating the service or the scheduled task, you can usually resolve the problem by restarting the PMS server. 

Room Type Not Displaying
  1. The most common reason is that you've added new rooms and haven't yet filled out the rates, or you've changed rates or seasons and it isn't properly configured. 
    Any room with a rate of 0 will be hidden in WebRes.

  2. The second reason is that you've enabled the option to restrict WebRes to specific room types and haven't included these room types in the configuration file. Both files mentioned are in the WebRes install folder and can be open in Notepad.
    • Check the file inc_variables.asp for the option Room_Type_Limit.
      If it is set to 0 then this is not the cause.
      If it's set to 1 then the room types need to be listed in the file ROOMTYPES.TXT

    • Check the file ROOMTYPES.TXT and make sure the room type is listed with the exact same case. One room per line.

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