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Hide Room Type

To hide a room type, in the Room Type Setup in the PMS software, set Central Res'v Code to "$NO".

WebRes Customization (Look and Feel)

These steps may be performed by the web developer or by Execu/Tech. If the web developer doesn’t wish to modify the WebRes configuration, Execu/Tech will do it for an hourly charge.

  1. Create a header and footer so that the WebRes pages fit the theme of the customer’s web site. The header will be placed inside inc_header.asp. The footer will be placed inside inc_footer.asp.

  2. Modify the fonts, calendar colors, calendar size, page colors, text, etc. webres.css contains all CSS settings. inc_variables.asp contains feature enabling and disabling, label text, etc. Read this file in a text editor to see what options are there.
Any images used by the web designer should be copied to the WebRes folder to prevent an SSL message warning that there are unsecure items on the page.


Many of the WebRes settings are found in the file inc_variables.asp, located in WebRes folder.
These are some of the settings found in this file.
Whenever the option can be enabled or disabled, 0 will disable it and 1 or other specified numbers will enable it.

  • Disclaimer1.html
    Disclaimer_1_Show =
    This will show the disclaimer in the file disclaimer1.html.

  • No. of Guests
    strNoGuests = "No. of Guests"
    Sets the text.

  • No. of Guests, Adults
    MaxAdults = 8
    Sets the maximum number of adults selectable in the drop down box.

    AdultDefault = 2
    Sets the default choice in the field.

    strAdults = "Adults"
    Sets the text.

  • No. of Guests, Childen
    MaxChildren = 4
    Shows the Children drop down box with a maximum count of 4. A setting of 0 causes the Children drop down box to be hidden.

    strChildren = "Children"
    Sets the text. 

    strCDAgeComment = "<font size='1'>(Children 8 and under)</font>" 
    Sets the text that appears under the Children drop down box. This text is used to define the age qualification for children.

  • How did you hear about us?
    intShowSource = 1
    Shows the drop down box for the Source of Business codes defined here: Source of Business Codes

    strSource = "How did you hear about us?"
    Sets the text.

  • Group Code
    intShowGroup = 1
    Shows the field for the Group Code. This is tied to a group in the PMS and only allows that group's block to be selected.

    strGroup = "Group Code"
    Sets the text.

  • Package Code
    intShowPackage = 2 
  • 1 = Shows a text field that allows the guest to enter a package code.
    2 = Shows a drop down box with packages defined here: Guest Packages
    0 = Does not show the package code field or prompt.
    strPackage = "Package Code" 
    Sets the text.

  • Coupon Code
    intShowCoupon = 1 
    Shows the field for the Coupon Code.

    strCoupon = "Coupon Code" 
    Sets the text.

    strAcceptBtn = "ACCEPT DATES" 
    Sets the text of the button at the bottom of the calendar page. This is the button the guests click to advance to the room type selection.


These are the settings found in WRUNCBL.FIL, located in WebRes folder.

This file can be edited in Notepad or any other text editor. Settings may be disabled by placing a # before the line and enabled by removing the #.


    Do not change or remove!

    Path to the HOTEL software folder. Surround the path with quotes if it contains spaces.

    Path to the HOTEL software folder. Surround the path with quotes if it contains spaces.

    This sets the default rate code for WebRes. This overrides season rates.

    This puts WebRes into test mode allowing a reservation to be made without processing a credit card.


    Optional, allows you to specify how the deposit will be calculated. Use only one of these options at a time!

    Optional, causes WebRes to assign a room number at the time the reservation is booked.

    Optional, sets default group code if you choose to limit availability by using a group.

    Optional, determines how the WebRes group affects availability.

    Optional, causes the total amount and deposit due to calculate tax.

    Default Market Segment Code assigned to WebRes reservations.

    Optional, sets the maximum length of stay for which a guest can reserve, in this example 21 days.

    Optional, sets the maximum number of rooms a guest can reserve if multi room reservations are enabled.

    Optional, sets the default package code to be used for the WebRes rate.

    Optional, alternate payment codes to assist in accounting of WebRes payments.

    Optional, This sets the default rate code for WebRes. This overrides season rates.

    Default Source of Business Code assigned to WebRes reservations.

    Attaches to a profile matching the provided email address. If there is no profile with a matching address, a new profile is created.


    Up to 4 coupon codes that will use the predefined rates 1 – 5. You can also specify a Source of Business code to assign to the reservation.
    Using the first line as an example, this is what the fields mean.
    • WEBRES-COUPON = Required identifier
      Additional coupons allowed are WEBRES-COUPON2, WEBRES-COUPON3, WEBRES-COUPON4
    • COUPON = Coupon code the guest will use. Variable up to 8 characters.
    • 1 = The rate code to use for this coupon.
      Additional rate codes allowed are 2, 3, 4, 5
    • COUP = Source of Business code. Up to 4 characters and must match a PMS Source of Business code.

 The majority of the WebRes settings are found in the file inc_variables.asp, located in WebRes folder.

Key WebRes Files and Folders 
  • extras\RoomCategory (folder) 
    This folder contains the room category description html documents as well as the button layout document, “categorybuttons.asp”.

  • extras\RoomDescriptions (folder)
    This folder contains the room type description html files. They should be named [ROOMTYPE].htm and must exist for all room types if this option is used. 
  • images (folder)
    This folder contains various images used to create the visual style including backgrounds, buttons and logos. 
  • script (folder)
    This folder contains Java applets.

  • blackout.txt
    This file allows you to configure calendar blackout dates to prevent the selection of specific arrival and departure dates.

    Blackout Dates can be specified in several formats. These dates will not allow checkin or stayover.
    The date formats are MMDDYYYY, 2021SUNDAY, 2021JANUARY. All letters must be CAPITAL.
    The 4 digit year must be given before the day and month.
    Arrival blackouts begin with 'A,' and departure with 'D,'
    Arrival Blackout for one day
    (December 25, 2021) 
    Departure Blackout for one day
    (December 26, 2021) 
    Arrival Blackout for a day of the week
    (Every Sunday in 2020) 
    Arrival Blackout for an entire month.
    (January 2022) 

    The blackout dates are entered one per line like this

  • bookcal.asp
    This is a Condo™ calendar showing individual room booking status. 
  • bookcal.css
    This is the style sheet for bookcal.asp 
  • bookerror.asp
    This is the generic error template. 
  • cancellationpolicy.asp
    This is an optional cancellation policy that must be read and agreed to before submitting the reservation. WebRes - Cancellation Policy
  • carderror.asp
    This is the template for all credit card errors. 
  • confirmation.asp
    This is the application that generates the HTML confirmation letter. 
  • confirmationpage.css
    This is the HTML confirmation web page style sheet. 
  • dateblank.htm
    This is the HTML template for blank date errors. 
  • datewrong.htm
    This is the HTML template for the incorrect date format errors. 
  • disclaimer1.htm
    This is the optional disclaimer for the 'calendar' page.
  • EtWebResCCService.zip
    This file contains the WebRes Shift4 credit card interface service and the service installer. Extract these two files into the HOTEL folder on the PMS server and run the installer from the console at the PMS server.
  • gacrncl.cgi
    This is the Condo owner calendar .cgi.
  • gacrcnlg.cgi
    This is the Condo owner login script.
  • gacrinit.cgi
    This is the Condo initialization .cgi.
  • gawrgett.cgi
    This .cgi checks availability and returns a list of available room types or an error.
  • gawrinit.cgi
    This is the WebRes initialization .cgi.
  • gawrpaym.cgi
    This .cgi books the reservation and initiates credit card processing.
  • gawrquot.cgi
    This .cgi verifies the rate of the selected room type.
  • inc_css.asp 
    Old style sheet – no longer used.
  • inc_footer.asp
    This is customizable footer to be displayed on the WebRes page.
  • inc_header.asp
    This is an customizable header to be displayed on the WebRes page.
  • inc_variables.asp
    This contains settings such as email, optional fields, customized display, etc.
  • package-XX.txt
    XX = package code. This file allows you to submit a package to WebRes that can then be redefined based on the room type, season or both. It can also be used to restrict room type selection in certain packages by setting the rate for the restricted room types to $0.00.
  • PopUp.asp
    This file contains the html popup boxes that can be used to show room type details. This file is used in conjunction with script/wz_tooltip.js.
  • redirect.asp  
    Used when a custom calendar is desired. Pass variables here and WebRes will bypass its own calendar.
  • redirect.htm 
    This is used to pass data from the .cgi programs to webres.asp.
  • redirecttest.htm
    This is an example of using Redirect.asp to pass variables to WebRes.
  • roomnumbers.txt   
    A list of room numbers, by room type, that may be listed in ‘Condo’ mode.

    If the setting "Room_Type_Limit" in inc_variables.asp is set to "1", then only the room types in this file will be shown. This is also used to designate room types to a category.
  • TimeOut.asp
    Template for the Session Timeout warning.
  • webres.asp
    This is main application file and user interface of the WebRes application. DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE!
  • webres.css
    This file contains the styles for WebRes.
  • wruncbl.fil
    This contains some configuration and optional settings for WebRes.

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