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Each one of the items listed on this page is important. Please don't overlook or ignore them.

  1. Your WorldPay account must have "PASS" enabled. This is what allows card tokenization, a critical part of your credit card data security.

  2. To ensure that credit card tokens are maintained for an appropriate length of time, be sure that this line is added to the configuration file MENUINI.FIL:   ELEMENT-PURGE-DAYS=30,270

    Note: The number of days can be changed. This shows our recommended default of 30 days for Guest History and 270 days for everything else. 

    If this isn't done, then credit card tokens will not be saved, and cards that have been tokenized will have to be swiped again when used.

  3. Contact your WorldPay sales rep to determine the payment types you wish to accept. This is done during the merchant application process, so make sure this is decided at the beginning of the process. 

  4. Configure all potential credit card types that might be accepted in the PMS or POS software. This will prevent unknown card types being seen in reports.
  6. The current list of credit card types accepted is:

American Express




Carte Blanche*

Diners Club*


Union Pay*


*Carte Blanche, Diners Club, JCB and Union Pay are associated with Discover, so if you accept Discover, the others are accepted by default.


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