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Magnetic Swipe Cards can be used in place of a typed password. This offers several benefits:
  • Speed - One quick swipe o the card logs you in. 
  • Security - Nobody knows their password and if they discover it, the onscreen keyboard doesn't have the characters needed to type it.
  • Tight control over supervisor voids and deletes. You know that the Supervisor's or Administrator's card was used and not just a shared password.
  If you want to have employee login cards created, any company that creates encoded cards can do it. There are only a couple requirements:                      
  • Encode Employee Login Cards
  • We recommend HiCo cards because they're most compatible with the card readers used by our customers, the encoding lasts longer and have fewer read errors over their lifetime.
  • The card must be encoded on TRACK 2 with a 6 digit number. The Start and End sentinel characters inserted by the card swipe will produce the 8 character password.
  • All other tracks must be blank.

Each terminal must have a credit card swipe for this login method to work. You also need a credit card swipe at the terminal were this will be set up. In the "EMPLOYEE SET-UP" screen in the POS Administrator menu, bring up the employee to be edited. Place your cursor in field # 7, Login Password. Swipe the card in this field. Save the changes and test the card by swiping it at the login keyboard screen.

This link will help you find vendors that can provide custom printed and encoded magnetic cards. https://www.google.com/search?q=custom+magnetic+stripe+cards

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