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Travel Agencies can be tracked and commissions paid from Execu/Suite.  When a travel agency is assigned to a guest, the guest information including total room charge is sent into the record for that travel agency.  The system will calculate commission based on the percentage assigned to the agency.  Travel Agency commissions can apply to charges in addition to RC* if these are included in the MENUINI.FIL configuration file.   Wholesalers typically are processed through Direct Bill.

Some hotels use Travel Agency Processing to track employee reservations so that commissions or incentives can be paid to the employees. 

Before processing payments to travel agencies you should set up a Hotel charge code $TRA which is used internally only.

The check format is the following:  NEBS/DELUXE part # DLT104 at www.deluxe.com.  If you order a different check, make sure the format is the same or it will not print correctly.   Intuit checks also will work.

Go to Manager/Setup and select one of the following from the Manager/Setup menu:

Travel Agency Set-up

  • Set up travel agencies, look up travel agency detail, manually enter travel agency invoices, etc.

Travel Agency Reports

  • Print summary or detail reports. 

Travel Agency Checks

  • Print checks to travel agencies.

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