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You must follow these instructions for GMS to work properly.
  1. Unzip the attached TravelClick-GMS.zip file into the HOTEL folder.  (Be sure to set the unzip program to extract sub-folders.)

    There are two sub-folders created and populated within the HOTEL folder:

    "7zip" -  Contains the archive program that creates the .zip file from the .csv files.

    "WinSCP" -  Contains the secure FTP program used to transmit the zip file to TravelClick.

  2. Edit the following files, replacing the property code XXX with the three character property code provided by TravelClick:



  3.  Add the following lines to menuini.fil, replacing XXX with the property code provided by TravelClick.  Make sure the company code is correct.




    GAGENSQL-ZIP-FILE=XXX_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.ZIP      (This is the Zip File Format)


  5. Create a scheduled task (Not a basic Task) as defined below.  The task must be set to execute the batch file 'gagensql.bat' from the HOTEL folder at 8:00 AM property's local time.


  6. Create a test file and transmit to TravelClick.

    From Execu/Tech, select File > Special > Run Program by Name > Program Name: GAGENSQL


    Select check boxes as shown above.

    Enter beginning and ending dates as requested by TravelClick.  Typically 5 years in the past and one year in the future for reservations.

    When program is complete, the gagensql-history.bat will run from the command prompt.

    The zip file should be created and transmitted to TravelClick.

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