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Most people enjoy table setup and it is easy to do.  When you select Table Setup from the POS administrator menu, select "Set up tables" as shown below.

 When the Table Setup screen opens, type the section number in the "section #" field in the lower left screen.  Then click the "Add Table" button.

A pop-up will prompt for the table data.

Enter the table.  Each table must have a unique number.  No two tables may have the same number, even if in different sections.
Select the type or shape for the table and select the number of seats.  Click the "Create Table" button.

The tables will stack at the bottom of the screen as shown below. 

You may create all of the tables first and then move them into position, or you may move each table as you create it.  Note that the size of the screen may look different than your table-selection screen.  You can place tables in the general area you want, and then log onto POS and look at the table selection screen to see if you need to modify the locations or positions.

Below is a sample table selection screen.

When you are finished, click the red X at the top right of your screen to exit.  You may set up additional sections; each section must have a unique section number.

Each terminal may be assigned a default table section.  This is done in Terminal Records .

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