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If you are switching from Shift4 to Vantiv, you will need to take some preparatory steps.  

Plan a date. 
  • Let Vantiv and Execu/Tech know the date you wish to go live.

  • Execu/Tech will confirm an installation date and will complete the installation on that date unless an unforeseen event occurs.

  • Let Shift4 know the date you wish to cancel or stop your service.  You can make it after the date you plan to go live with Vantiv in case there will be delays.  The UTG can be turned off at any time.  However, you will need to notify Shift4, to avoid paying minimum credit card fees even when cards are not processed through them.

  • You should know how to process credit cards directly on Shift4's website in the event you need to process a transaction after or during the conversion.

  • You should know how to process credit cards directly on Vantiv's website in the event you need to process a transaction.  It is unlikely you would need to do this, but it should be part of your Vantiv training.

The Shift4 tokens you have will not be good with Vantiv.  New tokens will need to be created after the switch to Vantiv..


Prior to the switch:

It is best to do this when there are no guests in house, or when all guests will be checked out today.  If that is not possible, you may need to contact guests staying past today to get card information to preauthorize in Vantiv.

Do this prior to check-ins.

When you are ready to switch, make sure to clear any existing preauthorizations for checked-in guests.  For today's check-outs, you can go ahead and check out the guests, assuming there will be no further transactions.

For stayover guests, you will need to clear the existing Shift4 authorization and then create a new authorization once the switch to Vantiv is complete.  You can clear the preauthorization one of two ways.
  • You can void the existing Shift4 preauthorization, and plan to preauthorize the card within Vantiv after the switch.  
  • You can clear the existing Shift4 preauthorization by posting a payment, using "card on file".  Then you will need to void the Shift4 preauthorization. Then, prepare to preauthorize the card for the remainder of the stay after the switch.  You will need the card in hand or the card information.

For reservations, validations will not work after the switch.  If you have advance deposits, they are OK, but the "card on file" will not be valid for future transactions.

If you need a validated card from a reservation for a "card on file" you should click "validate card" and then clear the validation, or change the reservation's guarantee code to CA.  Save and Exit the reservation and then go back in. The sequence number should be gone.  You can validate the card anew after the switch.  See that section, below.

If you have any "holding" transactions in a corrections other folio needing to be processed to "card on file", you should do so before the switch.  The "card on file" from Shift4 will not work after the switch.

After the switch:

When Execu/Tech has configured the interface, you will be asked to run a credit card test.

You should find out from Vantiv how to process a transaction directly on their site in the event you have to process a card during the conversion.  Where possible, hold off on processing new transactions until completion of the conversion.

Once the switch is complete, you can begin checking in guests.  

If there are any remaining today check-outs, you will need to get a credit card or other payment type.  The previous preauthorization or card on file will no longer be valid. 

For stayover guests,  you should have cleared the existing Shift4 authorization from the steps above.  You can create a new authorization once the switch to Vantiv is complete.  Simply click "Authorize card" in the guest folio/change folio screen.

If possible, you should capture the guest's credit card after the switch to Vantiv rather than typing the card information.

Reservations with deposits will be OK. 

You should have cleared reservation card validations ("card on file") from the instructions above.  If you need a validated card from a reservation, click "validate card" and  enter the card information at the prompt.  This will create a new token associated with Vantiv.

If you need clarification on any point, please email Execu/Tech Support.

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