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 Stop sale limit

This is part of channel management, allowing you to set a quantity limit making no rooms available once that limit has been reached.  For example, if you have 50 rooms and have the stop sale limit at 20, then no more rooms will be available after 20 rooms have been booked.  The stop sale limit quantity is communicated to the channel.

AVAIL. AND RATES - AVAIL. AND BOOKING RULES - Availability (by channel)

Select the date, number of days to view, and room type.  Click "show".

Then select the channel to view or edit.  In this case Website is selected.  Click the calendar icon.  

Enter the date range to edit, the days of the week if applicable, and the quantity.  In this instance, the value is 12, meaning that 12 rooms of the 20 rooms are not available to the channel.  The remaining quantity will be available for this channel for the dates selected. 

Eight rooms are sent to the channel for availability.  General inventory has not changed.

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