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Source of Business codes are used to identify how the guest heard about your hotel or why the guest selected your hotel.  Examples are Website, Travel Agency, Word of Mouth, etc.  You may use these in any way you wish.

"Source-business code" is the record key and cannot be changed.  The code may be up to four alphanumeric characters.  At look-up the sources of business will display in order by code (not by description) with numbers before letters.  For example, 1WEB will display before INT which will display before WEB.  The source of business code also may be used in Execu/Condo® to print the source of business rather than the guest name on owner statements, as required in some jurisdictions. 

"1.  Description" may be up to 30 characters.

"2.  ***** NOT USED *****" is not used.

"3.  Market segment" is an optional field that ties this source of business to a specific market segment and does not allow it to be used for any other market segment.  For example, a source of business CNEW for college newspaper may be available only for market segment COL for college students if COL is in this field for the CNEW source of business code.  You may leave this field blank if you wish this source of business to apply to any market segment.

"4. Active?" may be set to N if you do not wish this source of business to display at look-up.

"5.  Available in WebRes?" should be Y if you want this source of business code available for use in WebRes ("How did you hear about us?", etc.)

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