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Software Update Requirements

As new features are added to Execu/Tech software, these features are available through software updates and are included in the latest version of Execu/Tech software.  


See What's New for a current partial list of programs included in the updates. Execu/Tech may notify you that updates are available.  You may request updates at any time. 


Execu/Tech requires that all customers receiving full updates read and comply with our System Requirements and other information or instructions linked in this document.  This is to make sure that your server, network, devices, and systems are compatible with your new Execu/Tech software programs.  There will be no exceptions.

** Customer must fill out, sign, and return an Execu/Tech Software Updates Agreement prior to scheduling. **

  1. Customer must schedule Execu/Tech updates in advance. Execu/Tech qualified technicians will install updates Tuesday through Thursday between 10:00am Central Time and 3:00pm Central Time. Within that period, Execu/Tech will make every effort to schedule the updates at a time convenient to Customer.
  3. All users must log out of Execu/Tech (Exit Execu/Tech) to the Windows desktop at all workstations prior to the scheduled updates and must remain out of the software.  Failure to do so may cause incomplete installation and errors. Execu/Tech will notify Customer when users can log back in to Execu/Tech.
  5. Customer must provide Execu/Tech remote access to the server or computer where the Executech Hotel (or ExecuTouch) folder resides. Execu/Tech uses only Terminal Services/ Remote Desktop or RemoteET. Customer is responsible for providing this access to Execu/Tech technicians prior to the scheduled appointment.  Execu/Tech requires Windows Administrator credentials in order to install the updates.  If applicable, Execu/Tech must have access to Customer's WebRes and Interface computers if different from the PMS server.
  7. Customer agrees to read "What’s New" prior to installation of updates.
  9. Customer agrees to read Execu/Tech’s System Requirements prior to installation of updates and to consult Customer’s IT/Network professional if necessary. Customer agrees to verify that hardware, networking, systems, and devices are compatible with Execu/Tech’s minimum requirements.
  11. Customer agrees to read and comply with TLS 1.2 upgrades required for credit card processing and other applications.
  13. Prior to installation of updates Customer agrees to read "Register Programs and Controls." Immediately after installation of updates, Customer agrees to take the stated steps at each workstation. Failure to do so will result in “ActiveX” or “Class not registered” errors.
  15. Customers with POS receipt or remote printers agree to read “POS Printer Setup” and take necessary steps to verify correct printer setup after updates.  Customers with PMS credit card receipt prints agree to read “Shift4 Receipt Printer Setup” and take necessary steps to verify correct printer setup after updates.
  17. Execu/Tech will invoice Customers without an Execu/Care 24/7 Support Contract for updates and installation. Customers with a 24/7 Execu/Care Support Contract receive updates at no charge. 

  18. Execu/Tech will schedule the updates after receipt of payment in full (if applicable) and receipt of this signed agreement.
  20. Training is not included in the Agreement. Customers may request a quote for training by contacting support@execu-tech.com.

Click here to download the ExecuTech Software Updates Agreement.

You may return the agreement by email to support@execu-tech.com or by fax to 850-747-0491.

You might need to change your email settings after the update. 

To find out, send a confirmation email from a test reservation.  If it does not work, or does not work properly, click HERE .

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