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Software Updates

Software updates for Execu/Suite software are not automatic. Customers can email support@execu-tech.com to request an update. 

Software updates are free to any customer with an Execu/Care 24/7 Support Contract, or within a year of their initial purchase. Customers without a support contract can request a quote for updates.

Many updates will change formatting and/or functionality within the software. We ask that customers carefully review the updates, and if possible, demo them. Once the customer is satisfied that the updates are acceptable, we schedule a time for the update. These updates are usually performed by Execu/Tech support staff, but occasionally a customer or reseller wants to perform them on their own.

An Update Key is required to perform an update. Call Execu/Tech Support to obtain a key. 

Be sure your firewall is properly configured to allow the updater to work. Firewall Settings

You can always download the latest software updater from this link: Execu/Suite Software Updater

  • This file must be extracted and placed in your current Execu/Suite software folder.
  • The update should be run at your server.
  • All users should be logged out of the Execu/Suite software. Failure to log out may cause files to not update.

After you have installed the updates, you must perform certain tasks.  Those are listed HERE.  If you skip these tasks, you may have issues.



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