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You must run "Register Programs and Controls" after installing a new client computer, server, software updates or changes to the server name or data location.  Register Programs and Controls

Moving your software can be easy, but it's also easy to make a mess of things if not done right. Email or call Execu/Tech support before attempting a software move.

If you need to reinstall or move your software at your server, there are some important things to consider.
  • You may have more than just the Execu/Suite core software installed. You might have interfaces, credit card processing, Execu/Vault backup software, Execu/Suite Activities, WebRes, etc.

  • You need to plan ahead and make sure you're prepared to reinstall or move all of these in as short a time as possible. 

  • Call Execu/Tech support with as much advanced notice as possible to be sure someone can be scheduled to work with you and your IT professional.

You MUST NOT install the software to the “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” folder. Microsoft virtualizes the user writable files and as a result of this, different Windows users will see different data. We recommend installing to “C:\ExecuTech\Hotel” or your own preferred application folder.

If you’ve installed to the “Program Files” folder and performed some setup and configuration of the software, follow these steps to recover the virtualized data. Since only the data from a single user can be recovered, perform these steps on the user with the most ‘complete’ data.

  • Open the folder “Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (or Program Files (x86))\Hotel”

  • Move these files to the new ‘HOTEL’ folder location.

Execu/Suite PMS and POS Software 

  • The Execu/Suite PMS and POS software folder can be moved as a whole. All files needed to run the core software will be in this folder. Yes, it really is this easy to copy or restore the core PMS system. You'll just need to take care of user permissions, Shift4, if used, and have your interfaces reconfigured. WebRes is handled separately and discussed, below.

  • If you're restoring from a backup or a server that's crashed, you can copy the contents of the backup or folder on the old server to the new server. The default location on the new server should be "c:\executech\hotel", but you are free to copy the software anywhere as long as it isn't in the Program Files folder.

  • This link provides important user permissions information that's required for the clients to properly access the software. Software Installation - Server

  If you're able to provide the same server and share name, you shouldn't have to modify the shortcuts at the clients, as long as they still have the old shortcuts. If you need to modify the shortcut because the share name changed, or you need to create new shortcuts, read this: Software Installation - Client  

After the software is moved to the new server and the shortcuts are working, you need to run ETRegister. This will re-register programs and controls to the new server location. If this step is skipped, you may experience errors when an unregistered control is accessed. Register Programs and Controls

 Shift4 Credit Card Processing 

If you're using Shift4 credit card processing, you must call Shift4 and schedule a reinstall of their software. They can't always schedule a reinstall right away so call them as soon as possible. Without this software, Shift4 credit card processing will not work.

Shift4 Support: 702-597-2480 Option 2

3rd Party Device Interfaces 

You might have interfaces to a phone system, movie billing system, point of sale system or another 3rd party device. It's important to prepare to reinstall these as well.
  • If your interfaces use a serial port, make sure the new server has an adequate number of serial ports. Since we don't handle hardware, we can't tell you where the serial cables physically come from or where they go. We can, however, tell you which interface uses which com port which should help you figure it out.

  • If you're using our legacy interfaces, it's usually just a matter of modifying the setup files to use the serial ports on the new computer, then configuring the scheduled tasks to run them. Legacy Interfaces

  • If you're using our newer interfaces, you're using software called Longing Link PTS, made by Comtrol. Sometimes this software is installed on a separate interface computer and you don't have to worry about it. However, if it's installed on your server, as it typically is, it will need to be reinstalled. To do this, you will need to provide Execu/Tech with the MAC address of the new server. There may also be changes that need to be made in the 3rd party device setup, to point them to a new IP address. Comtrol® Interfaces

    You will also want to copy over the Execu/Tech portion of this interface, often located in c:\Executech\ETComtrol.

CRS Reservation Interface

If you have a CRS reservation interface to a company like TravelClick or Windsurfer you'll want to make sure it gets copied over.
  • If you just have a 1 way interface, or have a 2 way using HTTP Pull, the interface will be completely contained in the Execu/Suite software folder and you don't need to take additional steps.

  • If you have a 2 way HTTP Push interface, you will also need to copy the IIS folder that contains the web service. It could be anywhere but is usually in the default IIS folder. OTA / HTNG 2 Way Push
    IIS will need to be reconfigured and a new SSL Certificate may be needed, but your IT professional can determine this. 
    Be sure to contact the CRS vendor before reinstalling to determine if any additional steps are required. If your external IP address changes, they may need to update their records.

Execu/Suite Activities

If you're using Execu/Suite Activities, the application on the clients doesn't need to be reinstalled, just the Microsoft SQL Database. You will need to install MS SQL Express 2008 or better and move the database over to the new server. The database is called "ExecuSuitePMS". There is no other software to install at the server unless you want to install the application there as well.


If you have WebRes, you can copy over the WebRes install folder, usually in the default IIS folder. 
  • You can place the copy of the WebRes folder in the same location on the new server.

  • Perform the WebRes install. WebRes - Installation  

You must run "Register Programs and Controls" after installing a new client computer, server, software updates or changes to the server name or data location.  Register Programs and Controls

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