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Software Launcher

ETLauncher.exe is a software launcher designed to launch the Execu/Suite applications with minimal shortcut configuration. 


ETLauncher.exe is in Beta Test mode.
This means that it may be unstable, return errors, and not work as expected.
  • It won't delete or corrupt your data.
  • It won't interfere with your current shortcuts.
  • If you experience problems, you can email support, but you shouldn't expect a prompt reply or a solution. The launcher will be fully supported once it's out of beta.

The beta program can be downloaded HERE. Extract the file into your current Execu/Tech software folder.


  • ETLauncher replaces the traditional shortcut method of running Execu/Tech software.
  • Using this launcher, you no longer need to worry about editing the target, command line, etc.  
  • The launcher is also very helpful in a Remote Desktop environment, because each user simply needs to run the launcher and configure a few settings. After this, the Execu/Tech application will automatically launch with the correct settings. 


If your launcher doesn't look like the images below, use the download link above to get an updated version.

The launcher saves the settings for the current Windows user only. Each new Windows user will need to perform these steps.
  1. From the client computer, browse to the shared software folder on the server and find "ETLauncher.exe"

  2. Double click this program to run it. If this is your first time running the launcher, the Mode and Terminal Number will be blank.

  3. After a preset time, the launcher will attempt to launch the Execu/Tech software. To configure the settings, quickly click File > Settings 

  4. Configure the Settings:

  5. Mode: PMS, POR or Custom. Custom lets you specify a custom command line.

    Terminal: Terminal Number

    Startup Delay: This is the delay before the Execu/Tech application will be launched. The minimum delay is 3 seconds. This gives you time to access the settings before the Execu/Tech application is launched.

  6. Once you've configured the settings, remember to click the green 'Save' button

  7. After saving, you can click the purple 'Create Desktop Shortcut' icon to create a shortcut that will run this launcher. After clicking it, if your Windows user has permissions to add a shortcut to the desktop, you'll see a message confirming the creating of the shortcut.

  8. You can now launch the Execu/Tech application by clicking File > Launch Execu/Tech or by closing the launcher and clicking the new desktop shortcut.

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