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Network Preparation

Your network should be prepared by a qualified technician using industry standard equipment and protocols. Execu/Tech Systems, is your Application Software Provider, not your IT professional, so there are several things that must be performed by your IT professional before the Execu/Suite software will work.

Before you begin, please make sure you've read System Requirements

Please look through these documents for important information about potential problems and fixes. Errors / Fixes

Disable any power settings that might turn off the network adapters!

We understand that many of our customers are able to perform these steps without the assistance of an IT professional. However, we recommend that you hire an IT professional to assist you because there are many things that can go wrong. If you're unfamiliar with the terms used in this document, have to ask, "How do I do that?" when we ask you to perform a simple Windows task, or are unable to answer simple technical questions, you need to hire an IT professional. We are not your IT professional, we can't see if you're performing the wrong task or clicking the wrong button and we can't help you recover from mistakes you might make.
Some responsibilities of your IT professionals
  1. Network infrastructure (cables, switches, routers, etc.).

  2. Network configuration (client / server access, usernames, passwords, network resource security, etc.)
    All users who run Execu/Suite will need to have full control of the Execu/Suite folder on the server. No other access to folders on the server is needed except in special, very rare circumstances. 

  3. Configuration of all printers that Execu/Suite software will need. This means that every terminal that needs to print to a specific printer must see that printer in their own printer list.
    *Session and Redirected printers are fine for PMS report printers but PMS and POS receipt printers must be added as a permanent printer.

  4. Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, or any other remote access application. We provide general guidelines for Remote Desktop Services but your IT professionals are responsible for making remote access work.

Some Basic Requirements

If you're not using Remote Desktop Services, you should test the connection between each client and the server using the application found at this link: Network Benchmark
  1. Hubs must not be used because they're old and unreliable. Use a switch with a minimum speed of 100Mbps.

  2. All wireless connections must be secured, at a minimum, using the authentication method ‘WPA-PSK’.

  3. Wireless connections slower than 54Mbps may be insufficient run Execu/Tech software outside of a Terminal Services environment. Contact Execu/Tech for a benchmark application to determine if your network speed is sufficient.

  4. Public networks (wired and wireless internet, printers, etc. which are provided for guest use) must be separate from the local, private network used by  Execu/Suite.

  5. Windows users should be assigned to each employee needing access to Execu/Suite with strong passwords. Passwords should be a minimum of 7 characters containing numbers and letters. Passwords should be required to be changed at least every 90 day and can’t be the same as any of the previous 4 passwords.

  6. Built in ‘administrator’ accounts should be disabled for remote access after alternate user specific administrator accounts have been created. The ‘administrator’ account is the most commonly used account for brute force attacks and disabling it is the only sure way to prevent its eventual compromise. 

  7. Up to date antivirus software must exist on all computers on the local, private network, especially the server. 

  8. A hardware firewall should be between the local, private network and all other networks and the internet.

  9. Physical access to all computers on the local, private network should be restricted to only those with a legitimate business need. Physical access to all computers Running Execu/Suite should also be restricted to only those users with a legitimate business need.

  10. Internet access on all computers on the local, private network should be restricted to trusted websites with a legitimate business need.

Shift4 Installation

Read This: Shift4 Installation 

  Data loss and Application Hangs.  If you experience data loss, data not saving or frequent application hangs, check the System Log in the Event Viewer on every computer running Execu/Tech software. Look for event IDs 26 and 50. 

Delayed Write Failed errors mean that the data you thought you saved was not saved. This error occurs after the operating system reports that it has been saved and cannot be tracked or reported by our software. This is almost always a hardware / network problem. This error is most often associated with Windows XP. As Windows XP is phased out, this error is becoming less common.

Virtual Memory errors suggest that your computer has too little RAM installed. While Windows is adjusting the size of the virtual memory the Execu/Tech software can hang, freeze, lose data, etc. because Windows may restrict access to memory that the application was previously using. 


Software Installation

This is the basic layout of the typical client-server setup on a TCP/IP network. Please read the server and client installation pages to determine the proper settings for your installation.


When installing Execu/Suite on the client or server, you must be logged in as a Windows Administrator to ensure the proper registration of ActiveX Controls. After a successful installation and registration of ActiveX controls, you may remove the user form the Administrators group. 

All users who run Execu/Suite will need to have full control of the Execu/Suite folder on the server. No other access to folders on the server is needed except in special, very rare circumstances. 

Software Installation - Server

Software Installation - Client

After installing at the server and at each client, you need to follow this link and perform the steps. 
Register Programs and Controls

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