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  PMS / POS Setup

(Payment Codes)

  If this is a new install, a customer that's never had Shift4 or your Shift4 install hasn't been updated in years, you MUST run the program for credit card number masking, "MENUS4MK".
You must run this program to properly mask existing card numbers and prevent entry of unmasked card numbers in the future. It's run using Run Program By Name

In Execu/Suite PMS you must do the following. All fields are UPPER CASE!!!!

  • Using the Run Program By Name function, run MENUS4MK 
    Run Program By Name
  • In Payment Codes Setup, for each credit card payment code set item # 7 (Credit card?) to Y 
    * A card might have more than one payment code (VS1, VS2, etc.) and each needs to be set.

  • In Execu/Touch POS you must do the following
    Add this payment code. All fields are UPPER CASE!!!!
    • Payment Code = $
    • Description = EMV
    • Credit card info swiped = V
    • If this code is missing you may see an error similar to this one.
      *** INVALID ***
      6001:0: :0:C:* /$ The check payment process has begun.
      Please finish closing this check.

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