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Shift4 UTG IP Address and Port

The Shift4 UTG Service is typically installed on your PMS software server. When setting up a new server or changing the IP address of the current server, you will need to modify the IP address in the Execu/Suite Shift4 setup.
  • This IP address is always the internal static IP address of the machine where the UTG service is installed. The UTG service should not be accessible outside of your network and shouldn't have a public IP address or have traffic forwarded to it by a router.

  • Your IT professional can help you determine the IP address of this computer. 

  • In some cases a server has multiple IP addresses. Only one of the computer's IP addresses is used for the interface and you may need to look in the Shift4 UTG to determine which IP address is used. Shift4 can help you find this IP address. http://www.shift4.com/company/contact/

Execu/Tech Systems does not determine this IP address and can't definitively tell you what it is. You MUST contact your IT professional or Shift4 to determine the IP address and port our interface will use.

  • Your IT professional will know the internal static IP address of the machine where the UTG service is installed.

  • Shift4 will be able to help you determine the IP address that the UTG service is waiting on. 

In some rare cases, you may need to change the port number as well. This is discussed further down, but the default port is 17476.

If you have a support contract, we will change the IP address for you (or assist you in doing it.)
  1. Open the Execu/Tech application.

  2. Click File > Special > Run Program by Name

  3. Type MENUS4CO as the program name. Click OK.

  4. Press Enter when the Select Printer window appears. This program doesn't print, so the printer selection doesn't matter.

  5. In the Shift4 Interface Setup screen, make sure the "General" tab is selected.
  6. Change the IP address to the one that Shift4 gave you. This is usually the IP address of the server on which the Shift4 UTG was installed.

    Rarely, because of port conflicts, you might have to change the port number as well. Refer to this page for assistance: Test UTG Connection with Telnet

  7. Click Save Changes at the bottom left of this screen.

    If you see a "Key duplication" error, ignore it and click OK.

  8. Test the interface by trying to process a card. 

    DO NOT CLICK "Test Connection" - This will lock up the application more often than not.

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