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If you're using Shift4 to process credit cards, you should contact them as soon as possible to get the setup process started.


Once this is done, Shift4 will provide us with a document called a "Customer Configuration Form." We use this form to enter the appropriate merchant information into our software. We cannot complete the installation of the credit card processing interface without this document.

  If this is a new install, a customer that's never had Shift4 or your Shift4 install hasn't been updated in years, you MUST run the program for credit card number masking, "MENUS4MK".
You must run this program to properly mask existing card numbers and prevent entry of unmasked card numbers in the future. It's run using Run Program By Name

  Before attempting to 'go live' please make sure that the Shift4 UTG is running as a service and not the 'Stand Alone'. Shift4 can help you verify this.

It is important that you never try to run both the service and the 'Stand Alone' at the same time in a live environment.


Follow these pages to ensure a successful Shift4 Integration

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