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PMS / POS Setup for i4Go V2



If this is a new install, a customer that's never had Shift4 or your Shift4 install hasn't been updated in years, you MUST run the program for credit card number masking, "MENUS4MK".
You must run this program to properly mask existing card numbers and prevent entry of unmasked card numbers in the future. It's run using Run Program By Name

There are some settings in the PMS and POS software that need to be modified for the Shift4 i4Go V2 interface.

In MENUS4CO, there are several settings to modify. We will typically perform these steps for you but if you find yourself needing to make these changes, this is how.
For instructions on accessing MENUS4CO, read steps 1 - 4 on this page Shift4 IP Address and Port


1.  In the General tab, set the i4Go Auth URL to https://access.i4go.com




IP Address    This is the IP Address of the UTG install. If more than one UTG is installed, this is the IP address of the one with the most devices connected .
Port    This is the Port of used by the UTG referenced above. Default = 17476 
Management Port    No longer used. Default = 17411 
Timeout    How many seconds to wait before assuming the transaction has failed.  Default = 45
Test Connection    Tests the connection to the UTG referenced above. 
Authorize card when validating?     
Web Browser Command    
NetAudit URL     
Auth Bar Speed (Sec)    Number is seconds the progress bar should take to reach 100%. Default = same as timeout. 
i4Go Auth URL    URL used to obtain an Access Block (Authorizes your transaction) 
i4Go Access Token    Access Token used to obtain an Access Block 


2.  In the Merchant ID tab, 

  • Set the Access token to the value you received from Shift4's website. This will be different for each Merchant ID.
  • Set the i4Go URL 
    For PMS: i4goShift4p2pe.html?keyboard=no
    For POS: i4goShift4p2pe.html?keyboard=yes 
    (keyboard=yes will cause an on-screen keyboard to appear. If you have a physical keyboard attached you can set this to keyboard=no)


i4GoV1 i4GoV2

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