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This information does not apply to EMV PIN Pads. That information is here: Shift4 EMV
  • For non P2PE devices, any USB card reader that works in Keyboard Emulation Mode will work. 
    Swipe data must be sent WITHOUT a Carriage Return between tracks.

    Unencrypted card readers need to send the swipe data WITHOUT a carriage return between tracks
    To test this, swipe your card into Notepad.
    • If your card reader is inserting a carriage return between tracks, the swiped data will look like this.
       If the card swipe data looks like this then it might not work.

      %B5432000000003332^MC/FAKE NAME^1812999999?

    • If your doesn't insert a carriage return between tracks, the swiped data will look like this. 
      This is the currect format.

      %B5432000000003332^MC/FAKE NAME^1812999999?;5432000000003332=1812999999? 

      This is what the swiped data should look like to be compatible with our Shift4 i4Go V2 interface.

    If you have a Magtek card reader, try these instructions to reprogram the card reader if needed. Of course you should contact the manufacturer with any questions. Magtek Programming

  • For P2PE devices, refer to this list provided by Shift4

SecureMag is a simple reader while SecureKey has a keypad.


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