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AuthToken, AccessToken, AccessBlock

With Shift4 there are 3 sometimes confusing terms referring to items that are used for security and authentication. Most confusion is related to the AuthToken and the AccessToken. It's not uncommon for both us and Shift4 to mistakenly use the wrong term so verifying is a critical step and will avoid hours of unnecessary troubleshooting.

  • AuthToken
    The Auth Token is typically provided to us by Shift4 or the customer. This is used to generate an the Access Token.
    *Transactions DO NOT use the AuthToken. It's only used a single time to obtain the AccessToken. It expires once used and often is only valid for a limited time and must be used within this time.

  • AccessToken
    The Access Token should be entered the Shift4 configuration tool (MENUS4CO) in the Execu/Tech software. 
    • If you received an AccessToken rather than an AuthToken: In the Merchant ID tab, enter it into the the Access Token field.
    • If you received an AuthToken: In the Merchant ID tab, right click the Access Token field and enter the AuthToken into the prompt that appears then click OK.
      *If the PMS version the customer has doesn't allow you to generate the Access Token, either Shift4 or the customer can generate it using the UTG. Ask them to do this and provide you with it.

  • AccessBlock
    The Access Block is only used with i4Go V2. Using the AccessToken, temporary permission is granted to  process a transaction and the AccessBlock is part of the security measure used to authenticate you.

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