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Share-with reservations are made when two or more persons will share a room and need separate reservations and folios.  To add additional guests without creating separate reservations, folios, and profiles, click "More Names" when you make the reservation to check in the guest, or click the "guests" tab in the profile.

Making new share-with reservations
Looking up a reservations' existing shares
Attaching an existing reservation to another existing reservation to share
Checking in share-with reservations

Making new share-with reservations:

Make the first reservation.  Do not click the "Share-with" button beside the "no of rooms" field. 

Enter 1 for "no of rooms".  Each subsequent reservation in the share will show 0 (zero).

In the "Adults/children" fields you may enter the number of adults and children for each reservation or you may put the total in the first reservation and zero in the second reservation (zero is the default for the second reservation).

In the "Room rate" field enter each share's room rate.  If the rate is $100 and two guests will share equally you will put 50 for each reservation's room rate.  The system will not calculate this for you; the variables are limitless. The rate you enter is what will post at "Post room and tax".

Enter the guarantee code for each reservation in the share.  If you wish to validate a credit card (create a "card on file") do so for each reservation.

When you have finished the first reservation, click Save and then click "Share-with" as shown below.

When you click the Share with" button, a new reservation screen will open.  Some of the fields will be populated.  You will need to enter the remaining information as shown in the image below.

"No. of rooms" will be 0 (zero).  Keep this setting.  "Adults/children" defaults to 0.  If the first reservation included all guests you may leave this at zero.  If the first reservation included only its number of guests, then change these fields to the number of adults and children for this reservation. 

The room rate defaults to .00 since the system will not calculate the rate for each reservation in the share, as the variables are unlimited.  Enter the room rate for this guest's share of the total room rate.  The rate you enter is what will post at "Post room and tax".

Enter the guarantee code or valid payment type for this guest or click "validate card" to create a card on file for this guest.

When the profile entry screen opens, the guest name field will be blank.  The address, etc., will be populated from the first guest in the share and you may change it if you wish.  In the Guest Name Field, enter the name for this guest.  If the guest has an existing profile, click "Find/new" and select the profile from the list.

Save the profile and then finish the reservation.

Click "save" when you've finished making this reservation.  If there is another share click "Share-with" again. 

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Looking up a reservation's existing shares:

Bring up one of the reservations.  Click the "Share-with" button beside the "No of rooms" field.  Guests sharing with this reservation will display in "Guests selected".  You may remove a guest from the share by entering D in the "Enter guest name to share" field.  This will remove the selected guest displayed.

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Attaching an existing reservation to another existing reservation, to make them into share-with reservations for the same room:

Bring up one of the reservations.  Click the "Share-with" button beside the "no of rooms" field as shown below.

 Enter part of the name of the guest whose reservation you wish to share with this reservation.                       

Select the guest from the list.

This will add the guest to the share, as shown below. 

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Checking in share-with reservations:

Each guest must be checked in separately.  When you check in a share-with guest, the screen will display the shares and whether they have been checked in.  The first image below shows a share NOT checked in.  The second image below shows a guest who HAS been checked in.


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Reservation Status Report (printed form the Reservations or Guest Services menu)          

Arrival List from Print Arrivals and Departures (printed from the Front Desk or Guest Services menu)                   

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