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User ID's & Security Levels

User ID's provide unique logins for each employee and assigns menu permissions, so that each employee is able to access only the menus you allow. See PMS Employee Setup.

Security Levels determine the tasks users are allowed to perform within programs they have access to.  For example, an employee may have Front Desk permissions, but you do not want the employee to change credit limits. Note: Security Level is a required field in User ID setup, so you should set those up first.  A security level may apply to multiple users.


Menu Permissions restrict the items that the employee will see in the menu.



Menu-level Passwords:


In rare instances, management sets up menu-level passwords, which requires a password to access specified menus (such as MANAGER or specific programs.) This typically is not necessary since the User ID permissions can prohibit access to those menus altogether, but it is an option for an added level of security.


A menu-level password applies to the menu and not to any specific user.  All users that have access to the menu and know the password, may access the program or menu.


You must contact Execu/Tech Systems for instructions on setting up menu-level passwords, and you must be the property's administrator on record with Execu/Tech.


Other Passwords:

The Parameter Record allows you to set passwords for specific tasks, such as overbooking and rate changes. These passwords apply to the tasks, not the users.

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