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There are several ways to configure Execu/Suite to your property's needs and policies.  Most of these settings are established in the Parameter Record or in the MENUINI configuration file.  Below are some of the options.

Parameter Record

  • "Post payment?" popup at check-in (cash only, all payment types, or never)
  • Amount due to display at check-in (entire stay or one night)
  • Require credit card preauthorization at check-in? (yes, no, or don't ask)
  • Allow check-out with balance due? (yes or no)
  • Tape chart room sorting (by room number, room type, or usage)
  • Default rate code
  • Force log-in for each transaction posting?
  • Number of days to hold rooms for no-shows
  • Marina/Camping settings
  • Task-specific passwords (overbooking, rate changes, etc.)

MENUINI Configuration

  • Microsoft Outlook or Execu/Tech ExecEmail
  • Multiple confirmation letters, registration forms, etc.
  • Tape Chart display
  • Several Popup messages display or not display
  • Registration Form Rate Print options
  • Deposit policies
  • Guest Profile - on or off

Other Settings

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