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Creating separate checks when entering the order.

You have a four-top with four guests paying separately.  You want the four orders to go to the kitchen at the same time.  Open a check for that table and enter the items for that guest's check.  Instead of selecting "Done/New" or "Send", select Options > Separate Checks.  You do not return to the table selection screen because you are entering the next check for the same table.  Enter the next guest's items.  Select Options > Separate Checks.  Continue until all orders have been entered for all checks at this table.  When you have entered the final check for this table, select Done/New as usual. 

The four guests' items to go the kitchen on one chit.  Four separate guest checks were created for the table.  To add items, select the table and then select the check to which you will add the items.  You will close the four checks separately, one for each guest.

To create separate checks after the items have already been entered on one check see Split Checks.

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