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If your rates will change in 2015 remember to edit your season records .  You should update 2016 as well even if your rates might increase again.  You can simply copy 2015 to 2016 after 2015 is set up.  That way you will have a season record for that year rather than a blank record. You can change the rates later if necessary.

Even if your rates will not change, you need to create a season record for 2015.  You can copy 2014 to 2015.

If your rates are the same for 2015 as they are for 2014 and you simply are redefining the dates, you do not need to change the rates.  If your rates will change remember to set up the new rates in Room Types  or in Rooms.

If you have new blackout dates specific to WebRes  remember to edit those.

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