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Rooms (Room Types) Setup

After your general initial setup, you will set up your rooms.  Setting up rooms (room types) is easy but you need to do it correctly and in order.

 Your room code MUST match the room type code in your PMS.  This is essential for correct room assignment and for accurate availability.

   We will be happy to train you on setup but it is important that you read this information first so that you will understand what is involved.

 From your main menu, select and expand "SETUP".  Select "ROOMS/APARTMENTS"
 If you wish to set up room classifications (such as Cabins, Lodge Rooms, Camp Sites) select "Add/Edit room classification".   Most hotels do not use categories, but it is useful if you want your guests to choose the type of accommodations to display on availability lookup.  Note that this is not for room types, which is discussed in the next section.

Enter the Name of the classification.  Select "Save" and then select "Close".  When you have finished setting up classifications, select "Back to Index".

To set up room types, select "Add a new type of room".

 A new page will open with several sections.  Each is discussed below.
General setup:

Active - Required.  From the drop-down select "Yes" to set this room type as active, allowing guests to select it.
Code - Required.  Enter the code, up to four characters.  This code MUST match your PMS room type code if you are integrating your CRS and PMS.
Classification - Optional.  If you set up Classifications (see previous section) select the appropriate classification from the drop-down for this room type.
General Room type code - Required.  Select from the drop-down.
Virtual room N/A
Max n. of rooms - Required.  Enter the total quantity of existing rooms.  This must be greater than zero for this room to be available.
Min Rate - Required.  Enter the minimum rate.  This must be greater that zero for this room to be available.

Occupancy rules:

These rules determine which room types are available based on the guest's search parameters (such as 3 adults and 1 child)

Max bed spaces - Enter the number of actual bed sleeping spaces.  For example, if a bed will accommodate two persons, that bed counts as two bed spaces. Cots, extra beds, and cradles are not included in this figure.
Max n. extra beds - Select from the drop-down.  This can include Murphy beds, sleeper sofas, etc.
Max n. extra cots - Select from the drop-down.  
Max n. of people - Enter the maximum number of persons allowed in this room type.
Min. n. of people per room - Enter the minimum number of persons allowed to rent this room type.
Advanced occupancy management -  Optional. This sets additional rules based on number of adults and number of children + child ages.


 The next section allows you to upload images and type text for your guests to see when they are selecting a room to book.
Room Images must be EXACTLY 240 x 150 and they must be jpg files.  Any other type or size will not work.  Click "Choose File" to browse to the image you want to select or to drop a picture.  
If an image already exists for this room type, you will see the "show" button. 
To upload a photogallery, all photographs must already be uploaded.

Click "Texts" to add additional verbiage for viewing on your booking engine.

Name is the name for this room type.  This is that the guest will see.
Short Description is what the guest sees along with the name of the room type.
Long description is what the guest sees when clicking "Room Details" as shown below. 
Reservation email description is what will show on the confirmation email.  Optional.

Here is what the guest would see based on the image uploaded and text from the example described above.
You can select the room features and amenities you would like to display in addition to the text you've added. Just click the items that apply to this room type.  This is optional.
See general setup for adding property features and amenities.

 The amenities selected will display similar to this example:

Under Dynamic package - Bookable services/treatments you will services you would like the guests to be able to select once they have booked their rooms.  These must be set up prior to selecting them here.  See Services Setup for instructions.  The field here allows you to select pre-defined services.  These will be available to the guest to book online.  The price will be added to the stay.  Note that this is NOT where you set up guest packages, which are stays that include services rather than allowing the guests to select services.

Select the Meals or other services (such as spa treatment, etc.) you would like available when this room type is booked.  Click "Select all" if you want them all to be available.

 You can decide the order you would like available rooms to display when a guest searches availability.  Simply drag the room type up or down the "Selling order" list.

At this point, click Save.  Then click "Back to Room types list".  You have one more step. 

After you select "Back to Room types list" your room types will display.  If you do not see them, click "show".   
Your next step is to link the room type to PMS.  Beside the room type you're setting up, click "PMS" to expand the options.

Then click the edit icon for your PMS. 

The PMS manager will open.  Click the Edit icon for your room type.

 A popup will prompt you for the PMS room code.  Remember that the CRS and PMS room type codes MUST match exactly if you are integrating PMS and CRS. 


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