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Room Type Adjustments / Variations

If  you wish to make adjustments to availability by room type, you can do so, for a single date, a date range, or specified days (Monday, etc.) within a date range.  Note that this affects only CRS availability and does not make any change in PMS.  This does not change your inventory; it does change quantity available.  You seldom, if ever, would want to do this if you are integrating CRS with PMS but you should know how.
Go to:  AVAIL. AND RATES - AVAIL. AND BOOKING RULES - Availability (by room).

Select the room type to adjust.  In the "variations" field enter the number to adjust.  To subtract type a minus sign (-).  In the example below, one day has been adjusted, Tuesday, September 01.  Five CAB2 rooms are in inventory and a variation of -2 gives "Rooms on sale" at 3.  This means that although there are still five rooms, only three are available to book online.  

PMS still shows 5 CAB2 rooms available, and 53 total rooms.

Three reservations have been made.  This has adjusted the availability.  Now, zero rooms of this type are available online as you see below in "Rooms on sale". 

PMS reflects the three reservations since PMS imported them.  At this time, PMS shows two CAB2 rooms available and CRS shows zero because of the -2 adjustment.

To set variations for a date range, click the icon.  
Enter the starting and ending dates.  If you wish the variation to apply only to specified days, click those days.  Enter the value, remembering to type a minus sign to reduce the quantity.  For example, if you type -2, the quantity will be reduced by 2.  Click Save and Close.

This is what you will see after you have adjusted the values.  "Summary" is the sum of all room types.  CAB2 is the specific room type edited.

With this setting, only three CAB2 rooms are available online for September 05.  

When three CAB2 rooms have been sold, none are available online since that was the variation set.  There are actually five rooms, so two ore are still available in-house.  See below.

CRS availability for CAB2 on September 05:

PMS availability for CAB2 on September 05:

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