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Execu/Gift - Rewards Cards

The Execu/Gift system can be used to create Reward Cards to be used like gift cards.  The process is the same.

To issue the Reward Card, follow the Selling/Issuing Gift Cards instructions.  However, you will need a new payment code such as REW (Rewards) or PROM (Promotions).  The code does not matter as long as it does not exist already as a charge code  or payment code.  When you issue (sell) the card and have clicked "Post Charges" the system takes you to the Post screen.  Instead of posting a payment type as you do when the guest purchases the card, you will use the Rewards payment code you set up.

Alternatively you can set up a charge code instead of a payment code, but if you do so you must remember to type a minus sign when you post the "payment".

The card is redeemed by the guest in the same manner as a normal gift card.

You may order two sets of cards if you wish - one for gift cards and one for rewards cards.  Just make sure they both are formatted properly.  See Encode Gift Cards.

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