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  There are times when restarting a terminal or a server is required. We will not do this for you and don't provide instructions other than what is related to our software. Please consult your IT to determine the proper procedures.
It may not be as simple as clicking the restart button. Our software has steps that should be followed and other installed software may have steps as well.

Restart a Terminal
Before you restart a terminal, try to exit the Execu/Tech software. If it's stuck and won't exit, you can restart with it open.

Restart a Server
Before you restart a server, be sure that ALL terminals running Execu/Tech software have exited. If remote users connect to the server, you must have them exit as well. While the server is restarting, no interfaces will work, including phone posting, WebRes, CRS, etc. They should begin working again within a few minutes of the server restarting. As with terminals, if you can't get all terminals to exit, you can restart with them open.

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