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This software will allow 'anytime' access to the server and as many clients as needed. The application must be installed at each computer where remote support access is desired. 

  Because VNC is such a widely used protocol, there may be a conflict if you have another application installed that uses the VNC protocol. If we are unable to connect after troubleshooting, you may have to contact your IT professional to determine if another application might be causing a conflict.

 Firewall Settings for the PERMANENT connection
Open these ports for OUTGOING traffic.
  • 80
  • 5500
  • 5900
  • 5901 
If these ports are blocked then the remote connection may not work. Blocking outgoing ports isn't a typical practice, but it's something that you must verify if you experience connection troubles.

   This remote connection is secure.
  • It can only be accessed by Execu/Tech support staff utilizing a private gateway server and password protected client software.
  • The connection is encrypted using 256 bit AES.

This must be installed as a Windows Administrator. Right-Click the executable program and then click "Run as administrator".

Download the permanent connection from this link: https://www.execu-tech.com/etconnect/ETConnectInstaller.zip

Extract the application from the .zip file and run it. Install it to the default location. 
This must be installed as a Windows Administrator. Right-Click the executable program and then click "Run as administrator".   

This must be installed as a Windows Administrator. Right-Click the executable program and then click "Run as administrator".
Almost all installation problems are because you didn't run the install as an administrator. Be sure to "Run as administrator".

This is what you should see after installing. This is where you configure the remote connection application.

While installing, if you are seeing a window with many settings or get a warning about a password, your user permissions are not allowing you to save the settings file. Uninstall and try again.
Remember to right-Click the executable program and then click "Run as administrator". 

  1. Click Configure > Change Customer / Computer Name.

  2. You must enter the required settings (Company Name and Computer Name).

    • Use the hotel's company name, shortened if necessary. 
    • Each computer name must be unique if you're installing at more than one computer.

  3. The 8 Digit Connection ID is automatically assigned and can't be changed.

  4. The Company Name is the company name of the customer. This will appear in the connection client.
    If you're installing this application on multiple computers in the same location, be sure to use the SAME Company Name.

  5. The Computer Name should be descriptive of the computer. This will appear in the connection client.

  6. After entering this information be sure that you click Configure > Save Settings.
Two services are also installed. 
  • ETConnectService
    This service tells our server that your server is ready and waiting for a connection. It also allows us to remotely reset the remote control application if it's unresponsive.
  • uvnc_service
    This service is the remote control application. 
After saving the settings, be sure to click the button "Start Services". 

   Troubleshooting RemoteET Permanent Connection

  • If you receive an error or Execu/Tech support is unable to connect, make sure the two services are showing "Started". You may also restart them from the Services Console. If you don't know how to find the Services Console, you should hire a qualified network technician.

  • If restarting the service doesn't help, try restarting the computer.

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