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This is a temporary, on demand connection that only allows us to connect when you allow it.

This requires that you have the Microsoft DotNet Framework 2.0 installed. If it isn't installed, the Remote ET Installed will download and install it for you. This may take a while.

  Because VNC is such a widely used protocol, there may be a conflict if you have another application installed that uses the VNC protocol. If we are unable to connect after troubleshooting, you may have to contact your IT professional to determine if another application might be causing a conflict.

Firewall Settings for the ON DEMAND connection
Open these ports for OUTGOING traffic.
  • 5500
  • 5900
  • 5901 
If these ports are blocked then the remote connection may not work. Blocking outgoing ports isn't a typical practice, but it's something that you must verify if you experience connection troubles.

This is a secure, AES 256 bit encrypted and password protected remote support client that will allow Execu/Tech Systems support staff to remotely control your PC or Server to assist with problem solving, updating, etc.

This application must be started by you, the customer, and it will uninstall itself after the support session is ended or if no connection is made within 5 minutes. This means that nothing is left behind on your computer to create a potential security problem. In addition to this, this application can only communicate with our support server, so you don't have to worry about anyone else trying to connect. Finally, since this connection is initiated by you, your firewall doesn't need to be modified.

Before you begin your connection, you should first contact Execu/Tech support at 850-747-0581 and begin a service ticket. They will let you know when they are ready to connect and you can download this application.

  1. Download the application

       If you're using Internet Explorer
    click the following link:
    Click this link to start remote connection 


    If you're not using Internet Explorer, or the button isn't working
    try this link:


    Click Run then open the downloaded setup file.

    It may look similar to this:

  2. Run the application

  3. Click Connect when we tell you to.

    You will then see a window giving you your 5 digit remote connection ID. You must provide this ID to Execu/Tech support at the time the connection is made. Click 'Connect' when we tell you to.

    This is an example of the window, not the actual window. 
    Don't make us laugh at you because you're clicking the "Connect" button on this image. Yes, it happens a lot.

  4. After you click Connect, you will see a popup notification letting you know that the connection is waiting.

    If there are no firewall issues, Execu/Tech support should be able to connect to this ID.

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