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To offer proper support, we often need to connect remotely to your server or workstations. This allows us to see, first hand, the problem you are experiencing, to make changes to your settings, and to perform updates and install software. Without a remote connection, all we can do it give suggestions based on what we think might be going on and while this is adequate for the majority of issues, you will experience a problem that requires remote connection.

As stated in our System Requirements, we support a limited number of remote connection options. They are discussed, below.

   Remote Desktop Services
 (Terminal Services)

Configuring Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services is the responsibility of your IT professional. Execu/Tech can't offer any assistance in the installation, configuration or setup of users. 
If you don't know your IP address, this link might help: http://www.myipaddress.com/show-my-ip-address/ 

We can use RDP, RDS (Remote Desktop Services). If you need our outgoing IP address for your firewall, call or email support and we will provide it for you. We prefer NOT to use the Administrator account but the account assigned to us should have full permissions to the software folder and be able to create scheduled tasks and shortcuts.

We don't require that you use the default port of 3389 as long as you tell us what port to use. 

If we'll be connecting via Remote Desktop, your IT professional should provide us with the following items:
  • IP Address or URL
  • Port Number
  • Username and Password.

We can connect to a Windows VPN connection.  For other VPN connections, contact Execu/Tech.

Remote ET
This is a free application that we developed to provide remote control and file transfer capabilities for our technical support staff. 

Two versions of this application are available.
RemoteET On Demand  - This is a temporary connection that only allows us to connect when you allow it.
RemoteET Permanent  - This is a permanent connection that allows us to connect without your assistance.

  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 must be installed.
  • The Remote ET application is provided FREE OF CHARGE.
  • The Remote ET application comes with no guarantee or assurance that it will work, though it does for 95% of our customers.
  • Since this application relies on the WinVnc server software, no other versions of VNC can be installed.
  • We will assist your technician in installing this application.
  • If you're not very technically knowledgeable, we will still assist you. However, you may find that terms and procedures make no sense to you, in which case you need to bring in your technician.

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