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Windows has an easy-to-use program called Steps Recorder.  It will record each step you take in reproducing a problem or error and then create a file that you can send to Execu/Tech Support.  

On your computer go to Start then Windows Accessories then Steps Recorder (in Windows 10; Problem Steps Recorder in earlier versions of Windows).  

Select "Start Record".
Go through the steps you took when getting the problem or error.
You can select "Add Comment" to highlight an area on your screen and add a comment.
You can pause and resume the recording as necessary.
When you select "Stop Record" the program will prompt you for a file name (such as "check-in error") and a location (such as your desktop).
You can then send that file to support@execu-tech.com or attach it to a service ticket.

See https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/22878/windows-10-record-steps#:~:text=Steps%20Recorder%20(called%20Problems%20Steps,Notes.

Note that if you have two monitors, both will be captured in the screen shots.  You can go to Display Settings to temporarily disable your second monitor if you wish.

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