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Cross Reference Rebuild

Cross Reference Files are used to reduce the server and network load when processing large amounts of data. Sometimes, these cross references get out of sync. If this has happened, you might notice the following.

  • Availability is incorrect.

  • The tape chart is missing in house guests or reservations.

  • Displayed names don't match the names of guests.

  • In house guest names are missing. You can look up guests by folio number.

  • Reservations are missing. You can look them up by confirmation number.


One solution is to rebuild these Cross Reference Files by running a utility named GANXREF.


Before running this utility, have all PMS users stop what they're doing and exit out of any guest folios or reservations. 

  1. Go to File > Special > Run Program by Name

  2. If you're using the older 'Push Button' menu (where all menu items are displayed in a box in the center of the application) you use a different method to access the Run Program Name prompt.

    At the Master Menu, type the number 88 and then press Enter

  3. After typing GANXREF in the field, click OK. You'll be asked to select a printer and you should select the first one in the list. Nothing will be printed but you must select a printer to continue.

  4. After selecting the printer you'll see the Cross Reference Rebuild utility. To continue, you should make sure all other users out of the PMS software. If another user is trying to do anything in the PMS, the rebuild (or the other user) could lock up.

    After verifying that all other users are out of the software, click Yes to the question "Are all HOTEL users out of the system?" Please note that this does not refer to you, because you are the one running the rebuild. This also doesn't apply to any Point of Sale or Execu/Suite Activities users.

  5. After clicking Yes, you will see a number of things moving on the screen. Sometimes it progresses too fast to see what it's doing, but as long as you see movement, it's running. If you have some very large databases, or large folios, it might seem to pause for several minutes while it's being processed. Your Night Auditor should be able to provide a reasonable estimate for the time it takes this utility to run, since it runs during the Night Audit Reorganize.

  6. At the end of the rebuild, you may see a window asking "Rebuild profile keys?"

    Click No unless Execu/Tech Support as instructed you to click Yes. This can be a lengthy and almost always unnecessary step. 

  7. You should see a window telling you "Cross Reference rebuild complete!" After clicking OK, you might be asked to log in again.

Check to see if this has solved your problem. If not, you should contact Execu/Tech Support for further instructions and troubleshooting. 

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