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​Post-Update Requirements



The following is a list of tasks to be performed after Execu/Tech software updates. If you do not perform these tasks, you may have issues.

Modules Updated: Instructions:
All Updates

Run Register Programs and Controls at all workstations, for all users, and for all remote desktop client users.

This program updates your Windows registry.  If you skip this step, you WILL get errors. 


Test all functions of the system. Do this prior to peak service if possible. As with any software update, you may see changes in the look or functionality.

If you have questions or see a message you do not understand, please contact Execu/Tech.

Execu/Touch POS Updates

Open MENUINI.FIL in Notepad and add the following: POS-RECEIPTTEXT=NO

* NO= Do not use payment gateway verbiage on POS checks, use ET instead.  Default= YES

Execu/Suite Hotel Updates

Print a folio and registration form. You should not see anything different unless you are updating from a very old system.

If there is a problem, contact Execu/Tech.

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