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Post CC After Check-Out

If you need to charge or refund a credit card after a guest has checked out, you should NOT reverse the check-out. You can check in the guest as a walk-in (number of days zero if you do not want to show an occupancy) or you can post into a master folio.


You will need the sequence number of a transaction using the guest's credit card on file. 

If it is a current-day check-out and Night Audit Reorganize Files has not been run, you can display the folio to see the sequence number beside the "Credit limit" field for guests with preauthorizations at check-in.  See below:

For today's check-outs as well as prior-day check-outs (guest folios moved to Guest History) you can display the Guest Folio to view the sequence number, or you can print an Activity Log which shows a logged credit limit change when the preauthorization was done.

Guest Folio detail:

Activity Log:


Once you have the sequence number, go to Post Folio for the NEW folio you checked in, or to the master folio.


Select the payment code or type a forward slash (/) in the Code field. 


Answer "Yes" to the Process credit card? prompt.


When the Shift4 i4Go or WorldPay window opens, select Use card from history.


You will be prompted for the sequence number. Take GREAT CARE to enter it correctly so that you do not inadvertently process the wrong guest's credit card.


See Guests checked out prior day (guest history)

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