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When POS printers stop printing or start printing to locations other than what you expect, you need to troubleshoot what's happened. These are the most common reasons for printer problems.

POS Master Folio Problems

If the application locks up when you're closing a check, this might not be the fault of the printer. It could be your Point of Sale Master Folio. You'll have a Master Folio if you also use our Property Management Software. If you only use our Point of Sale application, you don't have a master folio and this step doesn't apply to you.

Open the POS Master Folio for this store. It should open quickly, with no warnings or errors. It should only contain transactions for the current business day. If there are transactions from previous days or there are errors or delays in opening, this will cause a problem when closing POS checks. If there is an error, you should call Execu/Tech support for assistance. If the folio balance is not $0.00 or there are transactions from previous days, you should contact Execu/Tech support to discuss options for resolving this problem.

Windows Test Page

Before you do anything, you need to make sure you can print a Windows Test Page to that printer from the terminal that needs to print to it. If this is a Remote Desktop session, you need to make sure that the session can print a Windows Test Page.

After you have verified that you can print a Windows Test Page, you need to re-select the printer. POS Printer Setup

If you can't print a Windows Test Page, call your hardware technician and they will assist you.

Printer is Off, Unplugged, Offline, Out of Paper, etc.

Make sure that the printer is on, not showing any error lights and is connected to the proper device. Your hardware technician can verify this for you.

Resolving these conditions might be enough to fix the printing problem. If not,  you need to re-select the printer. POS Printer Setup

Power Supply Failure

While everything might look good, it's possible that the power supply is faulty and not supplying enough voltage and current to your printer, print server or network equipment and you may experience inconsistent performance. Try replacing the power supply and see if this helps. 

Printer Name Changes and Re-installs 

If you've changed the printer name, you need to re-select the printer. POS Printer Setup

If you've re-installed the printer, even if you used the same printer name, you need to re-select the printer. POS Printer Setup

Use of Session or Redirected Printers

This applies to customers using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services.

If you've selected 'Session' or 'Redirected' printers it's just a matter of time before they stop working. These are temporary, non-static printers that come and go as terminals connect and disconnect from the Remote Desktop Session.

Please install the printers and re-select them. POS Printer Setup

Printer Drivers 

When possible, use the manufacturers printer driver. After installing a new printer driver, always restart the computer. 

  However, If you're using a version of the software prior to v. 2012.07.10 then you must use the Generic / Text Only printer driver with the '$$' print method. If your printer only works with the manufacturers driver you must use the '//' print method. If your software isn't able to use the '//' print method, you have very old software and should give serious consideration to upgrading. 

After selecting the appropriate printer driver, re-select the printer. POS Printer Setup

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