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 Physical Inventory Handheld Scanner


Using your own device.


If you are unable to obtain Palm devices or don't want to use them, you can use your own device and software.

You can use any device that can scan barcodes, allow quantity entry, and output a simple comma delimited file, or .CSV file. 


This is the format of the file when importing a physical inventory.



1234 = Scanned Barcode

55 = Quantity


Here's how you import this file.

  • The file must be named INPHY.CSV.
  • You can only import a single file at a time. 
  • The file must be placed in the software installation folder.
  • If you've already been using the Palm import, you will use Step 2 of the import.
    Step 1 created this file by extracting data from the Palm database after a successful sync with the Palm software.
  • If you haven't been using the Palm import, contact us and we'll help you add the option to import to your menu. 
    You can also access this import using Run Program By Name and entering the program name INIMPTXT.
  • Follow the steps in the downloadable manual, below, beginning on page 14.

  Download the full manual HERE

Download the installation files HERE 

If you’ve had previous versions of the Palm® scanning software, be sure to remove it from the Palm® device, the PC, and your Execu/Tech software menu BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION. The current version IS NOT compatible with previous versions. 


The Execu/Tech Systems ET Scan v2.0 software allows you to perform a physical inventory away from your POS terminals. You can scan the items on using a small PDA type device and enter the quantity for each item. After you’ve scanned your items, sync the device with a POS terminal and import the database. This saves time and helps to ensure that the data is as accurate as possible.  

Device Requirements: 

  • Janam or other device running Palm OS® version 5 or higher.
  • Symbol® compatible bar code scanner built in.
  • Palm ® Desktop software.  
ET Scan software (This installs on the Palm OS® device):
  • ETScan.prc
  • NSBSymbolLib.prc
  • Either NSBRuntime.prc or NSBRuntimeARM68K.prc (For ARM processors. Look in your device manual or ask the manufacturer if you are unsure. We don't have this information.)  
Inventory Import Software (This installs in the Execu/Tech software folder):
  • PalmSync.exe
  • PalmBD.dll
  • Inimptxt.cob  
  Install the Palm® Desktop software on a single POS terminal.
  • This will be the terminal on which you will ALWAYS sync. 
  • Never sync on more than one terminal. 
  • The software CD should be provided with the devices and you should refer to the installation manual provided by the device, as this is not Execu/Tech software and we cannot support it. 
  • Be sure to install Palm® Desktop to the default location of c:\Palm or the import software will not be able to automatically find the Palm® databases.   

The next step is to install the ET Scan software on the device. If the devices were purchased from Execu/Tech, the software should be already installed, but in the event of a hardware reset or if the devices were purchased somewhere else, follow the instructions in the manual.  

The ET Scan software should have been included with this manual. If you can’t locate the software, contact Execu/Tech and we will email the programs to you or you can use the link at the top of this page. After you’ve located the software, use whatever software installer was provided by your device manufacturer to install the files listed under ET Scan Software, above. 

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