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Please consider upgrading your older Legacy interfaces to our Comtrol based interfaces.

Just a few reasons to upgrade from older Legacy interfaces.
  • Legacy interfaces haven't been developed or sold since 2009. 
  • Comtrol interfaces are actively being developed and new supported devices are added on a regular basis.

  • Legacy Interfaces don't support IP devices.
  • Comtrol interfaces support both IP and Serial devices.

  • Legacy interfaces can't recover from the resets that are common with many USB serial port adapters even if the connection is reestablished.
  • Comtrol interfaces are able to recover from most communication issues as long as the connection is reestablished.
Once the setup has been completed, you'll want to resync all of the data between the PMS software and the 3rd party devices. You will also want to resync any time you suspect that there's a problem. The resync will resend all occupied and unoccupied rooms along with all restrictions like call and movie restrictions. 

Resync Interfaces

  1.  Click File > Special > Run Program by Name

    If you do not have File or if you have push-button menus instead of drop-down menus, then type 88 on your keyboard and press <Enter>.  This will being up the "program name" prompt shown below.
  2. A window will appear allowing you to type a program name.
    In the text box, type GARESYNC and click OK.

  3. If you're asked to select a printer, click the first one in the list. Nothing will print but you must select a printer anyway.

  4. It it works, a window will appear for a period of time and then close. This window might be open half a second or 5 minutes, it just depends on the number of rooms and the speed of your network. We can't give you an estimate on time.

  5. If you receive this message, it means the file used to communicate with the interfaces is in use. This is likely because some part of the interface is locked up and needs to be restarted. It's also possible, if our interface was installed on a computer other than the server, that the network connection between the interface computer and the server is very slow. 
    Try clicking Yes 5 times in a row and if you get the same message each time, click No and follow the next step.

    Interface file (gainpassX.fil) is locked.
    Try interface resync again?

  6. After 5 failed tries you will need to try stopping the interfaces and then retry the resync. 
    1. Stop the interfaces. Usually the interfaces are configured as a scheduled task. They may also be running on the server's desktop (This is a bad idea but we can't force you to do things the right way).
    2. Retry steps 1 - 5 above. 
    3. If it's successful then restart the interfaces.

  7. If you continue to see the previous message, even after restarting the interfaces and the server, the interface is likely experiencing timing issues. The fix for the timing issues is to upgrade to the Comtrol interfaces. Contact our sales department for more information. The fix for the locked file is to open the server's task scheduler and temporarily stop all interfaces and then rerun the resync. After the resync completes, restart the interfaces.

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