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Phone, Movie, POS, etc.


Execu/Suite PMS can interface with nearly any type of 3rd party system, including:

  • Call Accounting
  • PBX
  • Voicemail
  • Point of Sale
  • Energy Management
  • Internet
  • Entertainment
  • Video On Demand
  • Almost any system that emulates one of these popular interfaces.
  Maid Status Codes

Configuration of Maid Status Codes is a common question we get. Unfortunately, we can't help you with them. These codes are predefined by the manufacturer of the device you're using, whether it be a PBX, or an application like DuVoice. We don't have any control over the codes being sent or how they're configured in your device. We receive a message telling us to set a room to 'Clean', 'Dirty', or 'Needs Inspection'.

Based on the code key into the phone, it's the devices responsibility to provide us with the correct message and we can't change how we respond to a specific message. For example: We can't treat a 'Clean' message as a 'Dirty' message to accommodate your desire to use different codes at the phone. If you need to redefine the code you're entering in the phone, contact your device vendor for assistance.

Our 3rd party system interfaces fall into 2 major categories. Legacy and Comtrol®.

Legacy Interfaces

  • Our legacy interfaces are no longer available for purchase, have not been updated in years and will not be updated in the future. This information is provided for customers who choose to continue to use them.
  • Legacy interfaces communicate via serial port, only. There are devices that will convert IP to serial if required, and typically work with our legacy interface. This is because the messages between our software and the other system are the same, they're just being communicated using a different method.

  • See Legacy Interfaces

Comtrol® Interfaces

  • Comtrol® interfaces use a 3rd party interface application called Lodging Link PTS.
  • These interfaces can communicate via serial or IP.

911 Alerting

It's possible to enable both the legacy and Comtrol call accounting interfaces to print an alert when a 911 call is made. This alert is printed to a single printer as soon as the phone system sends the call data to us, which will be after the guest hangs up the phone.

For this to work, the interface must be running as a Windows user with a default printer configured. The System account will not work. Configure the user, at the server, to have it's default printer be the printer on which you wish to receive the 911 alert. The interface will need configuration, as well.

This function is provided for information purposes only. You must not rely on this function in any emergency situation. There is absolutely no guarantee that this will function properly because there are several pieces to the interface, all of which must work perfectly for proper function. A problem with cabling, the phone system, the server, the interface application, etc. can cause this function to fail. 

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